Easter Decorations for Outside

By | February 5, 2024

Welcome the Easter bunny with Easter decorations for outside ! From March onwards the time has come: the sun is slowly coming out again, the birds are starting to sing, delicate greenery is sprouting from the ground – Easter is approaching. In the decoration world it is now time to have the courage to use color again so that we can leave the gray winter time behind us. In this blog article we dedicate ourselves entirely to outdoor decoration for Easter, discover ideas and suggestions for great Easter decorations for the outside, cute Easter decorations for the front door and fresh Easter decorations for the front garden. You can find Easter ideas for the interior in our blog article “ 13 ideas for great Easter decorations ”.

Unusual Easter decorations for the entrance to the house: egg within an egg

This unusual Easter decoration for the entrance to the house is great for hanging branches in a vase, or even a bush in the front garden. For this homemade Easter decoration you will need eggshells, blown quail eggs, gold spray paint or gold acrylic paint, some “nesting material” such as Easter grass, moss, straw or hay, jute ribbon, and a hot glue gun. Use a spoon to make a hole in a raw egg. Paint the eggshell with the gold color. Use a needle to make a hole for hanging and tie a large knot at the end of the jute string. Use hot glue to attach the nesting material and the quail egg to the eggshell. As a colorful variation, the eggshells can also be filled with artificial or dried flowers. See everhomedecor for 11 great bathroom decoration ideas.

Cute Easter decorations in a basket as Easter decorations for outdoor use

For this Easter decoration for the front door, simply fill a small basket with weather-resistant Easter eggs of your choice. Feel free to choose Easter eggs in different shapes and colors; larger baskets with goose eggs and ostrich eggs will be particularly impressive. Instead of using conventional Easter grass for the nest, use green or yellow colored raffia. Alternatively, it is also possible to fill the basket with fresh moss, which is often found in the garden when scarifying at the beginning of spring. So that the cute Easter decoration doesn’t fly away in a storm, you should put a small weight like a stone in the basket, provided you only use very light blown eggs.

Simple homemade Easter decorations for outside: Easter egg garland for the house wall

These homemade Easter decorations for outside can be made very quickly. All you need is some string, a few Easter eggs and nails or hooks for the facade. Tie the Easter eggs onto the string and attach the garland to your facade with nails, screws or hooks, or to your window bays with double-sided adhesive tape. With a few artificial flowers, the egg garland can be made a little more floral and also defies the weather. The garland also becomes exciting if you use eggs of different sizes or make a color gradient or rainbow with the eggs.

Easter decoration for outside made from natural materials: Easter basket with quail eggs

These cute nests look great as an element of Easter decoration, whether in the decorative group in the entrance to the house or as decoration for bushes and small trees in the front garden and delight with their natural charm. You need coconut fiber, some binding wire, blown quail eggs, a few small feathers (pictured: guinea fowl feathers ) and the hot glue gun. Form a nest out of the coconut fibers and secure it with binding wire. Then attach the quail eggs and feathers using the hot glue gun. The nests are quite light, be sure to secure the nests well with wire outside, otherwise they will fly away with the wind.

Easter decoration for the modern house entrance: minimalist door wreath for Easter

Sometimes less is more – with this minimalist door wreath you rely on natural materials and create a calm but very effective wreath for the front door. For the door wreath you need: A metal ring or embroidery ring, periwinkle or boxwood, green floral binding wire, hot glue, and some blown quail eggs. Tie the periwinkle to the ring using the floral binding wire. The quail eggs can be attached to the ring either with a needle and thread or, for the very impatient, with a hot glue gun. Also think of a loop to attach the wreath to the front door.

Make your own Easter decorations for the house entrance: Easter door wreath with Easter eggs and artificial flowers

This homemade Easter decoration is very versatile because you can choose eggs and artificial flowers in a variety of shapes and colors. For the door wreath you need a substructure such as a wreath made of willow or straw, various colorful eggs of your choice, for example blown chicken eggs, goose eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs, or eggs made of plastic or wood. You will also need a hot glue gun and a selection of artificial flowers, as well as some string for hanging. Using the hot glue gun, glue the eggs and artificial flowers to the wreath and use the string to tie a loop to hang the wreath.

Easter wreath for the front door with dried flowers and grasses

This wreath is very naturally designed. You will need a substructure such as a wreath made of willow, vines or straw, some floral binding wire, dried grass and dried flowers of your choice, and a few decorative eggs. Wrap the substructure with the dried grasses and secure the grasses with floral binding wire. Then attach the dried flowers and the decorative eggs with wire.

Easter decoration made of wood for outside: early bloomers in the box

This flowery Easter decoration is perfect for the entrance to the house, the terrace or the balcony. You will need a wooden box, some paper, newspaper or burlap to line the box, potting soil, various early bloomers such as daffodils, daffodils, hyacinths, pearl hyacinths, primroses, or bellis (a cultivated form of the daisy). Line the wooden box with paper or burlap to prevent the soil from falling out, fill the box with soil and place the flowers in the soil. Water the flowers regularly. You can also paint or label the box according to your wishes with acrylic paint or chalk paint, for example with a lettering like “Happy Easter”, with colorful Easter eggs, or cute Easter bunnies.

Easter decorations for the front garden: early bloomers in rubber boots

These planted rubber boots are a cheerful, colorful floral decoration for Easter! You will need: Used rubber boots (from children or adults), potting soil, a small pot, early bloomers of your choice. Simply plant a pot that fits in the rubber boots with a pretty spring flower and the decoration is ready ! Individual hyacinth bulbs, a small group of grape hyacinths , daffodils or cultivated forms of daisies (Bellis) are suitable for particularly small boots. Daffodils or hyacinths are particularly suitable for larger boots. Don’t forget to water the plants regularly.

Easter decoration with flowers for outdoors: daffodils in the planter nest

This Easter decoration for outdoors also goes great with country house decoration ! Daffodils immediately spread a good mood with their sunny yellow color. They feel much more comfortable outside than inside, which is why the garden, the entrance to the house, the terrace or the balcony are the better choice for the cheerful early bloomers. Plant a planter or container with daffodils and cover the soil with some moss. Skewer blown quail eggs onto toothpicks and stick them into the ground. A few stalks of straw or hay create the impression of a nest.

Colorful Easter bucket with tulips and Easter egg pendants

Bringing color into the front garden and entrance area is worth it! With a flower-filled bucket, Easter decorations for outside can be done in no time. Tulips, daffodils and hyacinths are also suitable as cut flowers; decorated with colorful Easter eggs, it welcomes guests outside with Easter decorations for Easter dinner together.

Colorful Easter bucket with tulips and Easter egg pendants

Decoration group for Easter on the tree stump

Various seasonal decorative groups can be beautifully displayed on tree stumps. At Easter we combine a few early bloomers in pots (in the picture: hyacinths) with decorative eggs and flower balls. Of course, Easter bunnies also look great in such an ensemble. Experiment with different Easter accessories and spring flowers, you’re sure to find the perfect Easter decoration for your entrance!

Decoration group for Easter on the tree stump