Dental Schools in Oregon

By | April 19, 2019

Want to become a dentist, dental assistant, dental hygienist, dental nurse, dental technician, or dental therapist?  The following schools of dentistry in Oregon offer pre-dental studies, general dentistry, dental assisting, and dental hygiene studies towards a bachelor’s , master’s, doctorate, or a professional degree. Please know that some Oregon dental schools also provide certificates or postgraduate training in general dentistry. Check the following table for street address and official website of each school of dental medicine in the state of Oregon.

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List of Dentistry Colleges in Oregon
Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry
Address: 3455 Southwest US Veterans Hospital Road, Portland, OR 97239-3076

Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry

Economy of Oregon

The modern economy of Oregon is characterized by diversity, industry, agriculture, tourism, mining and lumber production are well developed here.

Oregon’s vast forests have made logging and timber products traditionally important to the state’s economy, primarily for construction purposes. In recent decades, the timber industry has been gradually reducing volumes, also due to environmental concerns, but Oregon continues to be the largest producer of sawn softwood in the United States.

Although Oregon does not boast significant mineral reserves, the state is the leader in the US in the production of nickel ores.

Very important for the state’s economy are the dams that provide Oregon’s industry with cheap electricity, built on the Columbia, the largest river in the northwest of America.

Numerous plants and factories of various industries operate in Oregon. The state produces food, footwear, sports equipment, metal structures, paper and paper products. Mechanical engineering and printing are also well developed.

Back in the 40s of the 20th century, Tektronix, one of the largest manufacturers of electronic devices in America, was founded in Oregon. Now in the suburbs of Portland has grown “Silicon Forest” (similar to “Silicon Valley” in California), an area in which several large manufacturers of semiconductor, electronic and computer products, as well as software are concentrated. Among them are divisions of such well-known companies as EpsonHewlett-PackardIBMSun MicrosystemsXerox and many others. The world’s largest processor manufacturer Intel operates in Hillsborough.

Most agricultural farms in Oregon are concentrated in the Willamette River Valley region (as, in fact, the majority of the population of Oregon). On the fertile fields of the valley and in numerous greenhouses and nurseries, fruits, vegetables, berries and flowers are grown. Oregon is the largest producer of hazelnuts (hazelnuts), traditional symbols of Christmas – firs and pines, and also occupies one of the first places in the state in terms of the volume of cranberries grown in the state.

In the steppe regions of northeastern Oregon, crops grow, including wheat, and various grasses, harvested in large quantities for hay. Oregon is the top US forage grass seed producer. Animal husbandry is well developed in the state, primarily cattle breeding, and poultry farming.

Over the past few decades, winemaking has been developing very successfully in the state, the mild climate of Oregon (or rather the Willamette Valley) favors the cultivation of grapes. Oregon is the fourth-largest US state in terms of wine production (after California, New York) and Washington, with over three hundred wineries operating in the state.

Several major companies are headquartered in Oregon, including sportswear and footwear manufacturers Columbia Sportswear and Nike, various infrared devices FLIR Systems, computer-aided design developer Mentor Graphics, and others.

Tourism is becoming increasingly important to Oregon’s economy. The state’s many historical attractions, Oregon’s extremely diverse and scenic nature, and numerous cultural and recreational events attract many tourists every year.