Davos, Switzerland

By | January 20, 2023

Davos is one of the best mountain resorts in the world. It is located in a vast valley at an altitude of 1560 m and is territorially divided into two parts – western Davos Platz and eastern Davos Dorf (Davos Doft). In the neighborhood, a little-known in Russia, but popular in Europe ski resort Klosters, “sister” of French Chamonix and American Aspen, is open. Check youremailverifier for more cities and countries in Europe.

Davos is known as the “Swiss capital of snowboarding”: there are 6 fan parks here at once.

The quality of the slopes and accommodation options here are of a high enough level and can satisfy any guest. Davos is also known as a medical resort – several prestigious medical clinics opened on it specialize in the treatment of respiratory diseases, allergic and skin diseases.

Communication and Wi-Fi

For those who plan to communicate a lot by phone, it is more profitable to buy a local SIM card. All major operators: Swisscom, Salt (former Orange) and Sunrise are good in the mountains, which means they are suitable for Davos. If the main goal is mobile Internet, then it is better to buy a Swisscom SIM card, it has a wider coverage. You can buy a card right at the airport, where there are counters of all operators, as well as in official salons. You will need a passport to purchase. Now almost all tariffs include not only calls and SMS, but also mobile Internet. There are even special “sim cards” for tablets, their tariff plan includes only the Internet.

For tourists, cards are sold with a prepayment, such a set costs from 20 to 60 CFH, depending on the number of minutes and messages included. You can replenish the balance at official points of sale or on the Internet using a bank card. Most hotels and apartments provide free Wi-Fi, and it is also found in some cafes and individual shops.

Treatment in Davos

Davos is not only a ski resort, but also a climatic resort. Back in the 19th century, people came here to be treated for tuberculosis and, it should be noted, they really got rid of this disease. At the very end of the 20th century, scientists published their work, which confirmed that the climate of the region helps people with respiratory, allergic and skin diseases. Moreover, the effect is observed not only during the stay at the resort, but also after departure. There are three large clinics in Davos, as well as many sanatoriums with this specialization.

What is the secret? Alpine climate spurs the immune system, bringing it to stabilization. The cold and dry air of Davos does not allow the spread of infectious agents, besides, house dust mites, which cause allergies in 4% of the population of our planet, do not survive at such heights.


Despite the small size of the resort, Davos has [Davos Hotels|Hotels] for every taste, from relatively modest hostels to luxurious five-star complexes. A special pleasure is to settle in a real mountain chalet, cozy, warmed by a fireplace and as close to nature as possible.

The cost of living depends on the season. In summer, a double room in a 2 * hotel or guest house will cost about 50-70 CHF per day, 5 * – from 500 CHF. In the winter season, the price rises almost twice. And in some mountain chalets with direct access to the slope, a double room is rented out even for 2000 CHF.

By booking a hotel with breakfast, you can save a lot on food.

There are nice apartments and houses in Davos, which are especially beneficial for renting for those who go on vacation with a group. Most hotels and apartments offer free parking and Wi-Fi, but it’s best to check these questions in advance.

What to bring

Almost all travelers bring new ski equipment or ammunition from Davos. There is a really good selection here. All the shops are located on the main street of the resort: there are fashionable boutiques selling clothes from new collections of famous brands, Swiss watch stores, and small shops where everyone can find the famous Swiss cheese and no less famous chocolate. Those who perceive Davos as an alpine clinic bring home vitamins from local pharmacies. And for those who prefer a more relaxed holiday, Mont-Sur-Rolle and Dozaley wines, as well as Williams vodka, can be a great souvenir. A nice gift for women will be Swiss cosmetics La Prairie, Weleda or Rausch.

Cuisine and restaurants in Davos

The cuisine of Davos surprises guests with its simplicity and taste – here they cook according to old family recipes. Meat in a variety of forms is held in high esteem. This is the famous “bündnerfleisch” – meat that is dried in the open air for several months in a mixture of spices, and mountain sheep roast, and “capuns” or “kapuns” – a similarity to our cabbage rolls, only chard or spinach are used instead of cabbage.

It is worth trying “maloons” – specially prepared, finely chopped fried potatoes, which are served with apple or pear sauce. Plain in piña is made from potatoes and smoked meats; it is traditionally cooked on charcoal in a wood-fired oven. And on a cold winter evening, you can warm up and eat a meat soup with barley called “gerstensuppe”. And, of course, you can’t let the world-famous Swiss fondue from the best varieties in the world in any way.

Cafes and restaurants are located in Davos at every turn. Dinner in a two-course restaurant with a glass of wine will cost 40-60 CHF per person. In small cafes offering Swiss cuisine, you can eat for 20-30 CHF, and a snack in a coffee shop for 10 CHF.

Entertainment and attractions

The main attraction of Davos is the Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Museum, a German expressionist. Both the building itself and the collection of paintings are noteworthy. Other interesting local museums include the Winter Sports Museum, the Local History Museum and the Grisons Mining Museum.

Also at the resort you can visit the International Center and the sports complex – an example of modern architecture, where a skating rink is equipped. And the local church of St. John the Baptist (15th century) is famous for its stained-glass altar windows by Giacometti.

Davos has a sports center where you can go figure skating or play hockey at a special ice stadium. Paragliding and tobogganing trips are organized. In addition: swimming pools, curling, tennis, squash, riding school.

4 things to do in Davos

  1. Roll down 10-kilometer trails without stopping, contemplating the picturesque surroundings.
  2. Learn the art of snowboarding at any of the 6 local fan parks.
  3. Try a local delicacy – mountain sheep roast.
  4. Recall childhood and day and night sledging on toboggan runs.

Events in Davos

In mid-December, the International Days of Cross-Country Skiing are held – Davos Nordics World Cup. Hockey fans will be delighted by the Spangler Ice Hockey International Cup held here.


The high mountain climate of Davos attracts tourists throughout the year. It is almost always clear and sunny here, there are no strong winds, and the air remains cool, fresh and dry even in summer. Skiing is possible from December to April. Winters are mild here, and the weather is sunny and warm almost all spring. In the summer, there is no too much heat, and the mountain air contributes to healing no less than in the cold season.

Davos, Switzerland