Cordillera University

By | December 15, 2022

Cordillera University. Bolivian institution belonging to Higher Education. It is an academic entity with training, research and social intervention programs. It addresses issues related to poverty reduction, climate change, care for the environment, economic development, the promotion of social equality, gender equality, the rights of indigenous peoples and Latin American integration. Check nonprofitdictionary for more universities.


The Universidad de la Cordillera generates and transmits knowledge, technology and innovation to contribute to the development of the country in an integral and sustainable way in harmony and balance with Mother Earth, in the areas of social sciences, economics, energy, sustainable use of natural resources, environment and climate change, with an interdisciplinary approach.


The Universidad de la Cordillera (UNICOR) is an academic center of excellence at the national and international level oriented to the formation of an integral human being who contributes to living well in harmony and balance with Mother Earth.

Degrees and diplomas

Bachelor’s degrees

  • Anthropology
  • Political Scienceand Philosophy
  • Social comunication
  • Historyand Geography
  • Sociology
  • Economy
  • Business Administration


  • Diploma Forests and Ecosystems
  • Planning and Public Management
  • Environment and G77+CHINA
  • Sovereignty and Food Security

Cordillera University