Comprehensive GRE Prep Courses

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The comprehensive GRE preparation courses are available at a special price of US $29. They consist of the following three parts:

GRE Verbal Study Guide (US $ 12)

  • The six test points will in advance introduce what would be tested before you read a question. As you are reading a passage, you become alarm to certain words or phrases that would later act as clues for answering the questions.
  • Keywords locating techniques to find what you want when you are answering the questions. You will not waste time re-reading the WHOLE passage.
  • Summary of three (and only three) subjects that will be covered on the test day. Special tips to answer question for each of them: business, social science, and natural science.
  • Analysis of a typical wrong choice. Your will be able to eliminate at least three wrong choices even that you can’t fully understand a question or a passage.

GRE Essay Prep Course (US $ 9)

  • Detailed description of how your essays will be scored.
  • Separate chapters on analyzing Issues and Arguments
  • Includes a special section for E-rater–what e-rater favors and how to fool it.
  • 60 sample GRE essays (one model essay per topic)

GRE Math Review (US $ 15)

  • A comprehensive math review of Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry. You don’t need to consult a specific math book for a more detailed discussion. The basic math concepts are already included.
  • Higher-level topics, such as Permutation, Probability, and Standard Deviation, are also addressed in detail so that you won’t feel lost on the test day.
  • Solved example in each difficult level – low-level, mid-level, and high-level. You will be well informed how a difficult question can be and how an easy question can be.
  • Special chapter on Word Problem. Techniques to “numberize” a question instead of reading a question. Solving a math question that was created in a complicated manner will no longer be a problem for you.

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Includes the GRE Verbal Study Guide, GRE Essay Prep Course and GRE Math Review.

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