Columbus College of Art and Design Rankings

By | April 18, 2020

Overview of Columbus College of Art and Design

Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD) is a private art and design college located in Columbus, Ohio. Established in 1879, CCAD has a rich history of providing students with a comprehensive education in the visual arts and design. please note that there may have been changes or developments since then, and it’s advisable to check the latest information for the most accurate details.

Academic Programs: CCAD offers a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs in art and design disciplines. These include programs in illustration, fine arts, graphic design, industrial design, fashion design, animation, film and video, advertising and graphic design, and more. The curriculum is designed to combine traditional artistic techniques with cutting-edge technology, preparing students for successful careers in the creative industries.

Faculty and Facilities: The faculty at CCAD comprises experienced artists, designers, and industry professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom. The college is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including specialized studios, workshops, computer labs, and exhibition spaces. These resources provide students with a conducive environment for artistic exploration and hands-on learning.

Creative Campus Culture: CCAD fosters a vibrant and creative campus culture where students are encouraged to express their individuality and push the boundaries of artistic expression. The college hosts various events, exhibitions, and performances that contribute to a dynamic and collaborative community. Students have the opportunity to engage with their peers, faculty, and visiting artists, creating a supportive and inspiring atmosphere.

Integration of Technology: Recognizing the evolving nature of the art and design industries, CCAD places a strong emphasis on integrating technology into its programs. Students have access to the latest digital tools, software, and equipment, allowing them to explore innovative approaches to their creative work. This technological focus prepares graduates to navigate the digital landscape of their respective fields.

Career-Focused Education: CCAD is committed to providing a career-focused education that prepares students for success in the professional world. The curriculum includes practical components such as internships, co-ops, and real-world projects, enabling students to gain valuable industry experience before graduating. Career development services and resources are also available to assist students in launching their careers.

Experiential Learning: Experiential learning is a cornerstone of the CCAD experience. Students are encouraged to engage in hands-on projects, collaborate on interdisciplinary initiatives, and participate in industry-sponsored challenges. These experiences contribute to the development of practical skills, a strong portfolio, and a deep understanding of the creative process.

Fashion Design Program: CCAD’s Fashion Design program is notable for its comprehensive approach to the fashion industry. Students in this program explore the entire design process, from concept development to garment construction. The program emphasizes both traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design techniques.

Illustration and Fine Arts Programs: The Illustration and Fine Arts programs at CCAD provide students with a solid foundation in traditional and contemporary artistic practices. Students have the opportunity to explore various media, develop their unique artistic voice, and showcase their work in exhibitions.

Animation Program: The Animation program at CCAD is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in animation, motion graphics, and related fields. The curriculum covers both 2D and 3D animation, allowing students to develop a diverse skill set. Students create animated shorts, collaborate on projects, and build a strong portfolio.

Gallery and Exhibition Spaces: CCAD’s campus features gallery and exhibition spaces that showcase the work of students, faculty, and visiting artists. These spaces provide opportunities for students to display their creations, receive feedback, and engage with the broader artistic community.

Community Engagement: CCAD is actively engaged with the local community through outreach programs, partnerships with local businesses, and collaborative projects. The college’s connection to the Columbus arts scene contributes to a rich and interconnected creative ecosystem.

Alumni Success: CCAD boasts a notable alumni community that has achieved success in various artistic and design fields. Graduates of CCAD can be found working as professional artists, designers, animators, illustrators, and entrepreneurs. The college’s alumni network provides valuable connections and resources for current students.

Columbus College of Art & Design offers a dynamic and immersive educational experience for aspiring artists and designers. With its emphasis on experiential learning, integration of technology, and commitment to career-focused education, CCAD prepares students to thrive in the ever-evolving creative industries.

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Rankings: Columbus College of Art and Design

Located in Columbus, OH, Columbus College of Art and Design is one of the best universities in the state of Ohio. On this page, you will find in-depth rankings for Columbus College of Art and Design in the following areas: graduation rates, teaching  resources, financing opportunities, and alumni donations. Latest acceptance rate is also given to show how competitive is Columbus College of Art and Design.

Rankings, Ratings, and Admissions Statistics
Peer college rating (out of 5) N/A
Graduation and retention ranking: N/A
Average freshman retention rate: 79.5%
6-year graduation rate: 60.5%
Predicted graduation rate: N/A
Overperformance(+)/Underperformance(-): N/A
Faculty resources ranking: N/A
Classes with under 20 students (2020): 61.3%
Classes with 50 or more students (2020): 0.0%
Student faculty ratio (2020): 12:1
Percent of faculty who are full-time (2020) 68.2%
Student selectivity ranking: N/A
SAT/ACT 25th-75th percentile (2020) 19-24
2020 Freshmen in top 10 percent of high school class: 2%
Freshmen in top 25 percent of high school class (2020): 15%
Fall 2020 Acceptance rate: 68.0%
Financial resources rank: N/A
Alumni giving rank: N/A
Average alumni giving rate (2020): 1.2%

Essential Facts: Columbus College of Art and Design

  • CCAD is committed to diversity and has been educating elite talent for more than 135 years. CCAD is located just south of Columbus State in downtown Columbus near the Columbus Museum of Art.
  • With a campus adjacent to the Columbus Museum of Art, CCAD confers bachelor’s degrees in 12 artistic fields of study such as Illustration and Interior Design.
  • CCAD was founded in 1879 as the Columbus Art School. Their main concern became creating an art school in Columbus.

Columbus College of Art and Design History

Rules and regulations Sports Activities 

General Information
Percent of undergraduate students who live in college-owned, operated, or affiliated housing: 24%
Percent of undergraduates who are members of a fraternity: 0%
Percent of student body who are members of a sorority: 0%
Average percentage of students on campus during weekends: 40%
Are all students permitted to have cars on campus? Yes
Percent of students who have cars on campus: 60%
Is alcohol permitted on campus for students of legal age? No
Additional policies and regulations: class attendance mandatory, class attendance policies set by individual instructors, hazing prohibited
Collegiate athletic association: N/A
Men’s scholarship sports: N/A
Women’s scholarship sports: N/A
Student activities: literary magazine, student government, student film society