Cities and Resorts in Austria

By | December 16, 2022


The popular Austrian resort Ischgl territorially belongs to Tyrol. It is located in the Silvretta ski region, which, in addition to it, includes the Swiss resort of Samnaun. Today Ischgl is the most fashionable and most expensive resort in Austria. It houses hotels of various levels, including the best “five-star” ski hotel in Austria Trofana Royal. In addition, in Ischgl there is one of the largest ski areas, where you can go around all the slopes without removing your skis. The duration of the season is from mid-November to mid-April. Check clothingexpress for information about visa to Austria.

The “chip” of the resort is underground escalators that connect some hotels with lifts. This is especially convenient when you consider that the resort is located on several levels.

Ischgl Hotels

Most hotels in Ischgl are high-quality 4 *, “three rubles” and budget boarding houses are much less. In addition, it is in Ischgl that the best “five-star” ski hotel in Austria is located – Trofana Royal 5 *. At one time, Tina Turner, and Elton John, and Madonna, and Sting rested in it.

Good 4 * hotels are considered to be located in the center of the resort near the ski lifts (and relatively inexpensive) Grillalm, Garni Urezza and Vista Allegra.

Thanks to the reasonable layout of the resort, almost all hotels in Ischgl are within walking distance of the ski lifts.

Trails of Ischgl

Ischgl has both a wide “forest” ski area and a treeless one. It is better to accompany the exit to the slopes with a preliminary detailed study of the map: the problem of choosing slopes is really serious. What is there: smooth smooth tracks (10-15%), mountains and sharp peaks, mogul and carving valleys, depressions and passes covered with virgin snow. What is not: crowded slopes at altitude and very steep descents. Basically, the resort is aimed at experienced skiers: there are relatively many “red” and “black” slopes. However, there are areas for beginners in the upper part of the slopes and on the plateau.

Snowboarders will love the famous Borders Paradise Fun Park with a half-pipe, ski jumps and about 30 other obstacles.

From the resort you can go skiing in Switzerland – in the Samnaun area, which is also a duty-free zone. This small village is packed full of “duty free” with alcohol, cigarettes and perfumes.

Attractions and attractions in Ischgl

Many restaurants (both at hotels and individual ones), cafes, night and day bars, nightclubs, discos, cinema, fitness centers. Street shows and concerts are regularly held.


Carinthia is the southernmost federal state of Austria, bordering Italy and Slovenia. It has a favorable climate, beautiful nature and, most importantly, a well-developed tourist infrastructure. The ski season in Carinthia lasts no less than in Tyrol – from mid-December to April. And in the northwest of the land, where the Mellthaler Glacier is located, skiing is guaranteed almost all year round.

For the beauty of nature, Carinthia is often called the “Austrian Riviera”. These are countless mountains and valleys, more than a thousand picturesque lakes, along the banks of which small resort towns with hotels, beaches and complete tourist infrastructure are scattered. “Included” – ancient castles, palaces and churches.

Entertainment and attractions of Carinthia

Resting on the lakes of Kartinia, you can go on excursions to Salzburg, Graz, Klagenfurt, Venice or Hochosterwitz Castle.

The most interesting places: Portia Castle, the Dominican monastery of Friesach, the Benedictine abbeys of St. Paul im Lavantal, Millstatt and Ossiach. Of the museums – the Museum of Wooden Architecture in the open air, the Elli Riel Puppet Museum and the private Museum of Porsche cars.

One of the most entertaining local excursions is “Nature near us”. In the program: the only monkey park in Europe, where Japanese macaques do not sit in cages, but run freely around the park, the Landskron fortress, where a show of birds of prey is held – falcons, eagles, owls and vultures. And for dessert, Rosegg Wild Animal Park, where you can see deer living in nature and some unusual animals, such as the white wolf.


Klopeiner See pampers tourists with the warmest water (up to +28 ° C in summer), cleanliness (you can drink water in it, and not only once) and many promenades with restaurants and cafes.

Main resorts

Klopein is a cozy town on the northern shore of the lake, an ideal place for a relaxing holiday with family and children. There are flat shores with a gentle slope into the water, equipped children’s “bays” and special playgrounds for the smallest.

Seelach is a small Austrian village in the northwestern part of the lake. In the waters of this part of the reservoir, a weak current is felt, since it is from this side that the outflow of water occurs.

Unterburg is the southeastern resort of the Klopeiner See lake, standing at a sufficient distance from other towns. Here is an exceptionally measured pace of life in the greatest distance “from civilization”.

The beaches of Klopeiner See

There are no beaches in the usual sense on the lakes. Most often, these are soft grassy lawns with an entrance to the water along wooden piers.

Entertainment and attractions

65 tennis courts, 18-hole golf course, three surf schools, diving school, minigolf, fishing, cycling (200 km of bike trails), horseback riding. Walks in the Karawanken mountains, weekly children’s holidays, holidays on the lake with fireworks. Summer festival in Eberndorf, shopping in the capital of South Carinthia – Velkermarkt, “expeditions” to the Obir caves with stalactites and stalagmites, an extreme attraction “tarzan” from the highest railway bridge in Europe, walks to Lake Thurnsee – a refuge for birds, to the ancient dwelling of the Celts on Mount Hemmaberg. You can also visit the wellness center “Bad Eisenkappel”.


Melk is a pretty, cozy town located in Lower Austria. The glorious history of this city (which begins in 831) and the ancient picturesque abbey (1089) attract many tourists to Melk, both in winter and in summer. Convenient location, just an hour’s drive from Vienna, allows you to easily go here for an interesting day trip.


In 976, Margrave Leopold I captured the southwestern part of Lower Austria, where he chose the fortress in Melk as his residence. The followers of Leopold I filled it with treasures and relics, and since 1089 the fortress has become the largest monastery, where today there is a collection of priceless manuscripts, as well as a library of 100,000 volumes.

In the period from April 21, 1944 to April 15, 1945, prisoners of the Mauthausen concentration camp were in Melk.

How to get there

The train from Vienna West Station (Westbahnhof) takes just over 1 hour.

Entertainment and attractions in Melk

First of all, of course, it is worth visiting the Melk Abbey (Stift Melk), surrounded on both sides by bastion fortifications. At the entrance there are sculptures of St. Leopold and St. Koloman. Next is the Gate Court and the huge Prelate Court (84 m x 42 m) with a fountain transported from the closed Waldhausen monastery.

At the abbey in 1750 the monastery park was laid out. Ancient lindens grow here, which are already more than 250 years old. Opening hours: from May 1 to October 31, 9:00-18:00.

In the city itself, the Town Hall Square with the fountain of St. Coloman, the parish church, the remains of the city wall and the post office, built in the style of classicism, are interesting.

Melk Austria