Choosing Right Business Schools

By | February 28, 2019

An European or U.S. MBA

  • Cultural experience. Going abroad gives you the chance to spend one to two years in a new country. Whatever your area of work after your MBA, you will certainly encounter people from around the world, so spending a few years in a new cultural and, perhaps, linguistic environment can prove to be a valuable experience. Therefore, if you are living in United States, you may consider a Western European MBA.
  • Geographical consideration. Actually, a degree from one of the best American MBA programs is a passport to work in the country of your choice not only in United States, but also in Europe, Asia, South America or other areas. If you’d like to welcome new workplace upon graduation, an American MBA is definitely the best choice.
  • Money Matter. In general, pursuing an MBA in Europe is much cheaper than in United States. On average, one year of tuition fees in Europe costs $ 24,000, whereas these costs now often rise above $ 36,000 for American MBAs. Also, most European top programs are one-year, and this will save you about 40% amount of  money if you study in the States.

A Two-year or one-year MBA

  • The advantages of one-year program. As mentioned before, tuition fees and living expense for a one-year MBA as well as the loss of income to make up later are significantly lower than for a two-year MBA. It’s an indisputable advantage given the high cost of MBAs. Also, two years seem to be forever for some people who think they are too old and don’t want to waste two years doing an MBA.
  • The disadvantages of one-year program. For many students, not enough time to choose the career you’re going to pursue after your MBA. On the other hand, spending two years on a campus really helps you discover and build friendships with some of the people you meet. Some will be people you can depend on long after you have your MBA degree in hand.

Some U.S. schools that provide one year option:

  • Babson College
  • Cornell University
  • Emory University
  • Northwestern University
  • University of Florida
  • University of Notre Dame