Champlain College Rankings

By | April 18, 2020

Overview of Champlain College

Champlain College, located in Burlington, Vermont, is a private college known for its innovative programs, experiential learning opportunities, and a commitment to preparing students for careers in emerging fields. Established in 1878, Champlain College has evolved to become a leader in career-focused education, emphasizing practical skills, creativity, and a strong connection to the professional world.

Academic Programs: Champlain College offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in fields such as business, technology, health care, and the arts. The college is organized into several academic divisions, including the Robert P. Stiller School of Business, the Division of Communication and Creative Media, the Division of Education and Human Studies, and the Division of Information Technology & Sciences. Champlain’s programs are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in dynamic and evolving industries.

One distinctive aspect of Champlain College is its Upside-Down Curriculum, where students dive into their major courses from day one. This approach allows students to gain specialized knowledge early in their academic journey, preparing them for internships and professional experiences.

Career-Focused Education: Champlain College places a strong emphasis on career-focused education, ensuring that students are prepared for the demands of the professional world. The college’s programs are designed in collaboration with industry professionals, and faculty members often have significant industry experience. Champlain’s commitment to practical skills development includes internship opportunities, co-op programs, and a strong network of employer partnerships.

Experiential Learning: Experiential learning is a cornerstone of the Champlain College experience. The college encourages students to engage in hands-on projects, internships, and collaborative endeavors that provide real-world experiences. The Centers for Experience, which include the Emergent Media Center and the Center for Publishing, offer students opportunities to work on projects for actual clients and gain valuable industry exposure.

Burlington Campus: Champlain College’s campus is situated in Burlington, Vermont, overlooking Lake Champlain. The campus provides a vibrant and supportive environment for students. Modern facilities, including classrooms, labs, and recreational spaces, contribute to a dynamic learning atmosphere. The city of Burlington itself offers a unique blend of cultural attractions, outdoor activities, and a thriving community.

Innovation and Technology: Champlain College is known for its focus on innovation and technology. The college integrates cutting-edge technologies into its programs, preparing students for the rapidly evolving landscape of various industries. Champlain’s commitment to staying ahead of technological advancements is reflected in its curriculum and the resources available to students.

Global Perspectives: While Champlain College is rooted in its Vermont location, it values global perspectives in education. The college offers study abroad programs and encourages students to explore international experiences. These opportunities provide students with a broader cultural understanding and a global perspective that is increasingly valuable in today’s interconnected world.

Community Engagement: Champlain College actively engages with the local community and beyond. The college encourages students to participate in community service projects, internships, and initiatives that contribute to the well-being of the community. Through partnerships with local organizations and industry leaders, Champlain College is committed to making a positive impact.

Inclusivity and Diversity: Champlain College is dedicated to creating an inclusive and diverse campus community. The college values diversity and strives to foster an environment where students from various backgrounds feel welcomed and supported. Champlain’s commitment to inclusivity is reflected in its policies, programs, and campus culture.

Continuous Growth and Innovation: As with any institution, Champlain College continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of students and industries. The college adapts its programs, facilities, and resources to stay at the forefront of education and provide a high-quality learning experience.

Champlain College stands as a private institution known for its innovative programs, career-focused education, and commitment to experiential learning. The college’s emphasis on practical skills, technology, and community engagement contributes to a dynamic and forward-thinking educational experience for its students. For the most up-to-date information, it is recommended to check the official website of Champlain College or contact the college directly.

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Rankings: Champlain College

Located in Burlington, VT, Champlain College is one of the best universities in the state of Vermont. On this page, you will find in-depth rankings for Champlain College in the following areas: graduation rates, teaching  resources, financing opportunities, and alumni donations. Latest acceptance rate is also given to show how competitive is Champlain College.

Rankings, Ratings, and Admissions Statistics
Overall Ranking: 13
Score: 42
Peer college rating (out of 5) 3.0
Graduation and retention ranking: 7
Average freshman retention rate: 81.0%
6-year graduation rate: 71.0%
Predicted graduation rate: N/A
Overperformance(+)/Underperformance(-): N/A
Faculty resources ranking: 35
Classes with under 20 students (2020): 50.1%
Classes with 50 or more students (2020): 0.0%
Student faculty ratio (2020): 14:1
Percent of faculty who are full-time (2020) 54.0%
Student selectivity ranking: 18
SAT/ACT 25th-75th percentile (2020) 1010-1200
2020 Freshmen in top 10 percent of high school class: 10%
Freshmen in top 25 percent of high school class (2020): 15%
Fall 2020 Acceptance rate: 73.5%
Financial resources rank: 21
Alumni giving rank: 37
Average alumni giving rate (2020): 4.8%

Essential Facts: Champlain College

  • Champlain College was awarded 43 badges in the 2021 rankings.
  • Champlain College typically requires applicants to be in the top 43 percent of SAT test takers.
  • The student-faculty ratio at Champlain College is 12:1, and the school has 70.2% of its classes with fewer than 20 students.

Champlain College History

Rules and regulations Sports Activities 

General Information
Percent of undergraduate students who live in college-owned, operated, or affiliated housing: 0%
Percent of undergraduates who are members of a fraternity: 0%
Percent of student body who are members of a sorority: 0%
Average percentage of students on campus during weekends: 82%
Are all students permitted to have cars on campus? No
Percent of students who have cars on campus: 30%
Is alcohol permitted on campus for students of legal age? No
Additional policies and regulations: class attendance policies set by individual instructors, hazing prohibited, smoking prohibited, other
Collegiate athletic association: N/A
Men’s scholarship sports: N/A
Women’s scholarship sports: N/A
Student activities: choral groups, dance, drama/theater, international student organization, literary magazine, music ensembles, musical theater, radio station, student government, student newspaper