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North America is home to all the major biomes: Arctic tundra, coniferous forest, deciduous forest, desert, grasslands, mountains, and rainforests. There are 965 species of mammal in North America. Lake superior is the largest fresh water lake in the world. The country of Greenland is the biggest island on the planet. The longest river in North America is the Mississippi-Missouri River System. The North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) forms one of the four largest trade blocs in the world. According to COUNTRYAAH, there are 24 countries in North America.
In tropical Central America, the temperatures in July hardly differ from those in January, that is, apart from the high altitudes, the average is over 20 ° C everywhere. To the north, however, the seasonal fluctuations are noticeable: In the north of Mexico, mean temperatures rise sharply in July compared to January. Sometimes they are above 25 ° C.

In North America, the year-round weather is shaped by the exchange of polar and tropical air masses. In particular, due to the north-south extension of the Rocky Mountains along the west coast, air currents are directed along the longitudinal circles, that is, in a meridional direction. This direct exchange of warm, humid air masses from the equator and cold air masses from the polar regions sometimes leads to extreme weather phenomena. Blizzards and Northers in North America result in extremely cold weather in January and winter, respectively. The ingress of cold air from the north is usually associated with high wind speeds and snowfalls. The blizzards often reach as far as Florida, the Northers’ sphere of influence even extends as far as central Mexico. These cold air advances are reflected not only in the rapid cooling of the inland but also in the temperature distribution in January. In the east of the Cordillera the temperature lines (isotherms) are partly strongly bulged to the south. Due to the coastal mountains in the west and east of the continent, the warming influence of the sea is limited to a narrow strip of coast.

Also in January, mean temperatures of over 20 ° C predominate in tropical Central America. It is only colder at high altitudes and in northern Mexico. For the complete list of nations in North America, please visit

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