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In general terms, Asia is bounded on the east by the Pacific Ocean, on the south by the Indian Ocean, and on the north by the Arctic Ocean. Asia’s size and position makes it the only continent that borders two other continents, Europe and Africa. The Asian continent has been the birthplace and cradle of the world’s most prominent religions, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and many others. The geographic term “Asia” was originally used by ancient Greeks to describe the civilizations east of their empire. Asia has both the highest and the lowest points on the surface of Earth, has the longest coastline of any continent. Asia’s ambitious civilization’s ultimately gave rise to some of the world’s most revolutionary ideas and important technology. According to COUNTRYAAH, there are 48 countries in Asia. For the complete list of nations in Asia, please visit

Qatar Road Network

Qatar’s highway network. A highway in Qatar is referred to as الطرق السريعة in Arabic and as an expressway in English. According to wholevehicles, Qatar’s road network is not very extensive, because almost all traffic flows in the capital Doha. There are approximately 250 kilometers of highway in Qatar. 130 kilometers of it form an… Read More »

Cyprus Road Network

The highways in Cyprus. According to wholevehicles, Cyprus has a well-developed road network, with many motorways for its size, the most per capita of all European countries. The highways are all located in the south of Cyprus, although the Turks have also made an attempt to build roads, there is no real highway in Turkish… Read More »

Food and Entertainment in South Goa, India

Cuisine and restaurants of South Goa The first thing to try in South Goa is fish and seafood. The variety of seafood presented in the local restaurants strikes the imagination of a northern man: shrimps, squids, crabs, lobsters, lobsters, oysters, mussels, octopuses. Shark, pamphret, snapper, tuna are popular fish. All this freshly caught splendor is… Read More »

Honshu, Japan

The birthplace of exquisite ceramic products, the land of quiet mountain villages and busy metropolises, Western Honshu is notorious around the world in connection with the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. But time heals the wounds of the past, and the current island of Honshu has a lot to offer the tourist. For example, Okayama and… Read More »

Salalah, Oman

Salalah is the second largest city in Oman. It is considered the capital of the country’s southern region and is very distinctly different from Muscat. Here, guests of Oman have a great opportunity to study the life of local residents and see the history of Oman with their own eyes, having visited the archaeological excavations… Read More »

Shopping and Eating in Qatar

Shopping and stores In Doha, there are many modern malls with prices below Dubai, the most popular being Festival City Mall, City Center and Villagio. As a souvenir, we recommend purchasing high-quality textiles – clothes in the national style, tablecloths, towels, bed linen, as well as gold jewelry – the sample is often low, but… Read More »

Yakhroma, Russia

The city, which is in the northern part of the Moscow region, until recently was a workers’ settlement. On the bank of the river of the same name, 6 km from Dmitrov, the weaving factory of the merchant I. A. Lyamin (Pokrovskaya manufactory) worked, around which the settlement unfolded. Only in 1940, Yakhroma was recognized… Read More »

Hue City, Vietnam

Hue City, the ancient capital of the last emperors of the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945), is located in the heart of Vietnam. This is one of the cultural, religious and educational centers of the country, the third largest city in South Vietnam, and also one of the most interesting in the country. More than 300 architectural… Read More »

Yemen History, Politics and Demographics

Yemen (Romanian pronunciation: /ˈjɛmen/; Arabic : اليَمَن al-Yaman), officially the Republic of Yemen ( Arabic : الجمهرويه اليمنية al-Jumhuuriyya al-Yamaniyya) is a country in the Middle East located in the Arabian Peninsula in Southwest Asia. With a population of approximately 23,580,000, Yemen is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the north, the Red Sea to the… Read More »

China Road Network

According to wholevehicles, China’s road network consists of four layers; G for Guodao or China National Highways S for Shengdao or provincial roads X for Xiandao or districts A for local roads G, S and X roads become municipal roads in built-up areas. The road then changes from the management of the Gonglu (public road… Read More »

Azerbaijan Road Network

The main road network of Azerbaijan. As of January 2022, Azerbaijan had a road network of 18,893 kilometers, of which 11,938 kilometers consisted of a modern asphalt pavement. The road network of Azerbaijan consists of a number of main routes, mostly the roads from Baku to the national borders, supplemented by a network of regional… Read More »

Armenia Road Network

Armenia has a main road network of 7,513 kilometers, consisting of 1,753 kilometers of interstate roads, 2,000 kilometers of republican roads and 3,760 kilometers of local roads. According to wholevehicles, Armenia’s road network largely dates back to Soviet times and is generally poorly maintained. However, the road network is relatively dense, especially in the wider… Read More »

Pakistan Road Network

In 2007 Pakistan had a network of approximately 260,000 kilometers of road, of which approximately 173,000 kilometers were major roads and 86,000 kilometers were secondary roads. According to wholevehicles, Pakistan has a fairly developed road network and a small highway network that is growing rapidly. In 2010, there was only 632 kilometers of highway in… Read More »

Oman Road Network

Expressways and dual carriageways in Oman. According to wholevehicles, Oman’s road network is fairly developed, but not very dense. The highest degree of development is found along the north coast, which is somewhat urbanized. There are approximately 30,000 kilometers of paved road. There is a through highway along the north coast from Muscat to the… Read More »

Malaysia Road Network

The immense highway network of the Klang Valley conurbation. According to wholevehicles, Malaysia has a well-developed road network in Malacca, on Borneo this is clearly less. The country has one of the larger highway networks in Asia, and the most developed after Japan, South Korea and China. The highway network is 1,931 kilometers long. People… Read More »

Kyrgyzstan Road Network

The EM-04 through the mountains of the Kyrgyz Ala-Too Range south of Bishkek. According to wholevehicles, Kyrgyzstan has a limited road network that is also moderately to poorly developed. The country has formidable obstacles in the road network due to the many mountain ranges of the Pamir and Tian Shan, as well as impractical borders… Read More »

Kazakhstan Road Network

Due to the enormous distances and the fact that the country is extremely sparsely populated, there are few roads. After 2010, Kazakhstan has significantly modernized the road network, with approximately 2,500 kilometers of motorway built in the period 2010-2020. However, not all Kazakh highways have a consistent design and sub-standardelements are common. The vast distances… Read More »

Japan Road Network

According to wholevehicles, Japan has an extensive road network of 1,152,207 kilometers of which 863,003 kilometers are paved (1997). There will be more than 12,000 kilometers of highway by early 2022, putting Japan in the top 10 countries with longest highway networks in the world. The islands of Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu are connected by… Read More »

Israel Road Network

According to wholevehicles, Israel has a good and extensive road network, which is considerably better developed than in neighboring countries. Motorways The Kessem Interchange between Route 5 and Route 6 at Petah Tikva. The highway network is relatively limited, and is mainly located around Tel Aviv and central Israel. Route 1 is the highway from… Read More »

Iran Road Network

According to wholevehicles, Iran has a fairly well-developed road network, especially in and between major cities. The capital Tehran in particular has a large highway network, and there are also interurban highways in that region. There is no national highway network. Due to the desolation of large parts of the country, the road network is… Read More »

Indonesia Road Network

The toll road network of Java (green). According to wholevehicles, Indonesia has a rather diverse road network. The road network is dense on Java, where there are also several highways, which are almost always a toll road. Jakarta has a fairly extensive network of highways. There are also highways that run over longer distances, since… Read More »

India Road Network

In India you drive on the left. Due to its high population density, India has a very large road network, one of the densest road networks in the world, just ahead of that of the United States and much larger than that of China or Brazil. There is almost 3.3 million kilometers of road, half… Read More »

Georgia Road Network

Georgia’s main road network. Georgia had a network of 21,110 kilometers of road in 2021. According to wholevehicles, Georgia has a relatively limited road network, partly due to the large mountainous areas in the north and south, with most traffic in the central regions, especially for east-west traffic. Georgia is important as a transit country… Read More »

Russia Religion, Geography, Politics and Population

Religion in Russia The most common religion is Orthodox Christianity. A number of nations profess Islam, Buddhism, Catholicism, Judaism, etc. Transport in Russia In most cities of Russia, you can use buses, fixed-route taxis and taxis to get around. Trolleybuses, trams and metros run in large cities. The most common mode of transport between cities… Read More »

Climate and Weather of Calangute, India

The climate of Calangute Calangute was also a real hippie seaside resort in the sixties. However, the Indian atmosphere is now hard to find. This is the Costa del Sol of India: a large tourist area with many tourist facilities, shops, restaurants and bars. Calangute is especially popular with young families. Calangute has a tropical… Read More »

Climate and Weather of Avsallar, Turkey

The climate of Avsallar The town of Avsallar is about two hours travel time from the international airport of Antalya. Like most other villages between Side and Alanya, Avsallar has also been increasingly transformed into a tourist resort. The hotels are mostly located south of the busy main road D-400, which connects Antalya and Alanya.… Read More »

Climate and Weather of Antalya, Turkey

The climate of Antalya According to, Antalya is a large city on the Turkish Riviera. According to visitors, this is one of the more beautiful cities you can visit on the long Turkish coast. The old town, also called Kaleici, is completely car-free. This is where most shops and restaurants can be found. Antalya… Read More »

Climate and Weather of Betalbatim, India

The climate of Betalbatim Betalbatim is located immediately north of Colva in the touristic state of Goa. This quiet beach is known for the birds of prey and dolphins that can be seen here. A nice place for a quiet beach walk. There are some large resorts and small houses on the beach. According to… Read More »

Climate and Weather of Guiyang, China

The climate of Guiyang According to shopareview, Guiyang is located on the Nanming River, in Guizhou Province. The city has some beautiful temples from earlier times, such as the Hongfu Temple. The Jiaxiulou Tower is also worth a visit. This ancient pavilion has been beautifully preserved and is a very fine example of Chinese architecture.… Read More »