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5 Mistakes to Avoid in TOEFL

A TOEFL competitive score is the international student’s business card in the various MBA and LL.M. programs around the world. A balanced and consistent score tells the admissions committee that you are ready for course readings as well as engaging in class discussions and being part of the academic community. Today we separate 5 mistakes you… Read More »

5 Tips to Improve Your Online Vocabulary

It’s no secret that to speak and write well you need to broaden your vocabulary. This task is not easy, and it is a long and continuous process that will often go beyond your preparation period for the GRE, the GMAT or TOEFL and IELTS . The best way to expand your vocabulary is always the one that can best… Read More »

8 Tips to Improve Your TOEFL Vocabulary

The test that has become one of the most accepted for academic purposes in the world is one of the requirements for students who want to study in English-speaking countries. There is not much mystery: the test is divided into four parts (Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking) that are worth 30 points each.

MBA Admissions Application Secrets

Who is applying for an overseas MBA program knows the importance of a perfect application in their presentation. Everything needs to be in place, in a clear, organized and timely manner. Knowing what happens after your application leaves your hands helps to highlight the importance you should give to the preparation of this document.

5 Reasons to Take an MBA

Many students begin the preparation wondering if it is worth doing an MBA. My response over these 20 years has been the same: Yes! The MBA presents itself as a unique opportunity to invest in itself and to open up new opportunities. There are many reasons to take an MBA. If you are starting to consider the subject, this… Read More »

TOEFL or IELTS: Which One is Better for Me?

If you are planning to live abroad, make an exchange program, international internship, MBA or LL.M., you know you have a proficiency exam to complete. The exams and TOEFL and IELTS assess the candidates’ abilities in the four pillars of communication (reading, listening, speaking, writing), but the similarities remain here. Precisely for this reason, understanding the differences… Read More »

Tips for What to Do the Week Before Your GMAT

Here are some tips for what to do the week before your GMAT. REVIEW ALL YOUR NOTES: Now is a great time to review all your notes, review all the different types of questions you’ve seen, observe your most common mistakes, etc. SET ASIDE TIME FOR A DUMMY: Preferably 7 to 5 days before your… Read More »

5 Myths About the GMAT

Several obstacles hinder the path of MBA candidates. Here our philosophy is very simple: we help you clear the way so you can get the best performance on your GMAT race. With that in mind, we present five myths of the GMAT test to discard in your preparation.   1. GMAT IS AN INTELLIGENCE TEST The GMAT… Read More »