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How to Write a Personal Statement

Personal Statement – Statement of Purpose A few tips for writing strong personal statement Use your own style An employee in the admissions office reads dozens of personal statements every day. Your style must strike a different note than those of the other applications. As a foreigner, you have a different personality for the reader… Read More »

What is a Personal Statement?

In addition to SAT or ACT scores and proficiency test scores , a personal statement is a mandatory part of many applications for US universities. In this text, we will explain what, in fact, a personal statement is, why universities use this form of assessment and the types of personal statement that exist. Come on?… Read More »

Tailored Resume

TAILORED RESUME #1 Name/Address This section should include your full name, address, and telephone number (with area code) and email if you have it. Double check your phone number. Job Objective The “job objective” should be a clear, single job title, which describes your immediate career goal. An example would be, “entry-level accounting position.” Qualifications… Read More »

Resume Action Verbs

Action Verbs 1 achieved accelerated adapted adjusted administered advised analyzed applied approved assisted arranged attained budgeted chaired communicated coordinated conceived conducted compared completed controlled counseled created decided defined delegated developed demonstrated designed directed distributed effected eliminated encouraged enlisted established estimated examined expedited explained forecast generated guided increased influenced implemented inspected instructed interpreted improved invented investigated interviewed… Read More »

Job Interview Questions Asked By Employers

Education How has your college experience prepared you for this career? Describe your most rewarding college experience. Why did you select Muhlenberg? What led you to choose your college major? What college subjects did you like best/least? Why? If you could do so, how would you plan your academic study differently? Why? What changes would… Read More »

How to Handle Illegal Interview Questions

This information is meant to raise your awareness of issues related to interviewing and specific interview questions, not to scare you. Most employers are honest and only ask questions that are relevant to the position. What is an Illegal Interview Question? Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes discrimination on the basis… Read More »

Functional Resume

Name/Address This section should include your full name, address, and telephone number (with area code) and email if you have it. Double check your phone number. Job Objective The “job objective” should be a clear, single job title, which describes your immediate career goal. An example would be, “entry-level accounting position.” Education List the type… Read More »

Common Resume Blunders

Make sure your resume is top-notch by avoiding the top 10 resume blunders. Too Focused on Job Duties One of the most prevalent resume blunders is to turn a resume into a boring listing of job duties and responsibilities. Many people even use their company job descriptions as a guide to developing their resumes. To… Read More »

Chronological Resume

Name/Address This section should include your full name, address, and telephone number (with area code) and email if you have it. Double check your phone number. Job Objective The “job objective” should be a clear, single job title, which describes your immediate career goal. An example would be, “entry-level accounting position.” Education List the type… Read More »

Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

A job interview should not be completely one sided. Just as it is the employer’s opportunity to get to know you, it is also your opportunity to get to know the company and the position. Below you’ll find a list of questions you may want to consider asking during the interview. Why is the position… Read More »

3 Types of Interview

The purpose of an interview is to exchange information about you, the job, and prospective employer. For this reason, preparation is critical. Always research a company, know your skills and abilities, be professional and be yourself. The Informational Interview An informational interview is NOT a job interview, but an opportunity to meet with an individual… Read More »

How to Write a Job Cover Letter

Most employers hiring for professional positions expect a cover letter with a resume. A carefully crafted cover letter is as important to your success as your resume. Letter Purpose The purpose of the letter is to get you an interview. Do not send a resume without one. Cover letters introduce you and give you a… Read More »

Thank You Note after Job Interview

Below we will discuss seven quick tips for writing thank-you note after the job interview. Use these tips to create the thank you note. 1. Decide whether email or regular mail makes more sense Consider the timing involved and the formality of the person and organization you’re sending it to. If you need to get… Read More »

The Informational Interview

What is an Informational Interview? The informational interview is an opportunity to learn about a career which interests you, by meeting and talking with someone who is working professionally in that field. In a question-and-answer session, you will learn first-hand about a job directly from someone who performs the tasks on a daily basis. Arranging… Read More »

Tips for Creating a Scannable Resume

Many human resource departments are now using technology to streamline their search for new employees.  It’s called electronic applicant tracking, and it can search for just about anything in your resume. It starts with a scanner, and can quickly turn your resume into a searchable computer file. Through powerful artificial intelligence, the new technologies will… Read More »

Basic Salary Negotiation Skills

Research your profession’s salary range Check with recruiters, competitors, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook and the Internet. Select a target salary or salary range You may not get the amount you want, but having a specific range gets you close. Don’t initiate salary discussions Wait for the interviewer to bring up the… Read More »

Salary Negotiation

Few job seekers are prepared to discuss their pay requirements prior to a job offer or to negotiate it well after a job offer is made. As a result of their blunders, many job seekers are eliminated from consideration during the selection process without even knowing why. Others who do get a job offer too… Read More »

Salary Negotiation Techniques After Job Interview

CONGRATULATIONS – YOU HAVE THE JOB OFFER! Now what? The following are a few points to consider on negotiating salary. You are in the best position to negotiate a salary after you receive the job offer, but before you accept it. Not all job salaries are negotiable. It is considered unethical to accept a job… Read More »

How to Start Networking

Networking Quick Facts 60% – 90% of jobs in today’s market are found through networking. Networking will assist you in locating un-advertised jobs (50 – 70%). It will lessen your job search time by turning personal contacts into job interviews. What is networking? Networking is the process of linking people, through in-person meetings in business… Read More »

Second Job Interview

A strong first interview will often result in a second interview. This time, you will most likely meet with more people. You may meet with staff members individually or simultaneously. The interview may also take place in a different location, possibly the company headquarters. It may last for most of the day. This time, the… Read More »

Job Interview Letters

After an interview, you might wish to send some follow-up correspondence in order to solve a problem or to present a proposal. We have already shown you some examples of thank-you letters and notes that were sent following an interview. In some cases, a longer or more detailed letter would be appropriate. The objective of… Read More »

Job Interview Thank You

The Importance of Thank You Note Resumes and cover letters get the attention, but thank-you notes often get results. Sending thank-you notes makes both good manners and good job search sense. When used properly, thank-you notes can help you create a positive impression with employers that more formal correspondence often can’t. Three Times When You… Read More »

Job Interview Follow Up

After a Job Interview The interview has ended, you made it home, and now it’s all over, right? Wrong, Effective follow-up actions can make a big different in getting a job offer over more qualified applicants. What to Do After a Job Interview Following up can make the difference between being unemployed or underemployed and… Read More »

Job Interview Training

Interviewers will have no interest in you if you wait until the interview to prepare. Take preparation seriously. And if you don’t get the interview or the job, don’t get disheartened. You’ll need to send several resumes to get one interview and have several interviews before being offered a job. Look at each interview as… Read More »

Job Interview Skills

You never get a second chance to create a first impression. You must look and act the part before they will offer you the job. Take care to present a professional image, one that merits respect. How to Look • Dress professionally and appropriately for the job. Men should wear a suit, shirt and tie.… Read More »

How to Interview for a Job

Job interviews play a very important role in whether or not someone gets the job they are applying for. They are important because they give the employer or interviewer a chance to see first hand what the person is all about and what they like or dislike about the individual. The interview is a crucial… Read More »

4 Job Interview Techniques

The Three-Step Process is important for understanding that the interview question being asked is often an attempt to discover underlying formation. You can provide that information in an effective way by using the four-step Technique: 1. Present a concrete example. People relate to and remember stories. Saying you have a skill is not nearly as… Read More »

Job Interview Guide

What do you want to accomplish in your next interview? Although most people know that the interview is important to both you and the employer, few job seekers have a clear sense of what they need to accomplish during those critical minutes. Later, we will describe interview techniques in more detail, but what follows will… Read More »

Job Interview Tips

To make a good impression on interview day, use these tips: Get there on time. Try to schedule several interviews within the same area of town and time frame to avoid wasted time in excessive travel. Get directions online or ask fro directions from the receptionist to be sure you know how to get to… Read More »

Illegal Job Interview Questions

QUESTION AN INTERVIEWER CANNOT ASK HAVE YOU EVER CHANGED YOUR NAME? (can ask about “other names used” for reference checks) MARITAL STATUS? NAME OF SPOUSE OR NEAREST RELATIVE? (can ask for the name of the person to contact in emergency) ARE YOU PREGNANT? DO YOU HAVE CHILDREN? NAMES OR AGES OF YOUR CHILDREN? WHO WILL… Read More »