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ACT Test Dates

The ACT is a standardized test for measuring the ability to study. It is widely used as an admission criterion for universities and colleges in the USA and is mostly accepted as an equivalent alternative to the SAT. The abbreviation ACT originally stood for American College Test, although this written version is no longer in… Read More »

Average ACT Scores

ACT Scores Typically, your ACT scores are available two weeks after the exam date. The ACT exam comprises four sections: English, Mathematics, Reading and Natural Science. Score on each section ranges from 1 to 36. Your overall score is generated by averaging your scores on all four sections. It is possible to repeat the ACT to… Read More »

SAT Vs ACT: What is the Difference?

To apply for a place at the universities of the Uncle Sam country, it is necessary to do a kind of “local ENEM”. These tests consist of standardized assessments to measure candidates’ knowledge. The best known are SAT and ACT. In general, the main objective of these two tests is to allow universities to evaluate… Read More »