Bowie, Maryland Population, Schools and Places of Interest

By | May 7, 2023

According to campingship, Bowie, Maryland is a city located in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area and is bordered by several towns and cities. To the north of Bowie lies Upper Marlboro, Maryland, a town known for its historical significance, vibrant culture, and recreational activities. Upper Marlboro is home to many historical sites such as the Old Marlborough Town Hall, which was built in 1745, and Belair Mansion which dates back to 1745 as well. Additionally, Upper Marlboro offers plenty of outdoor activities like boating on Lake Ogleton or fishing at nearby Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary.

To the east of Bowie lies Crofton, Maryland which is a small suburban town with a rich history and plenty of attractions. One of the most popular attractions in Crofton is Waugh Chapel Towne Centre which offers shopping, dining and entertainment for all ages. Additionally, Crofton is home to several parks such as Waugh Chapel Park which features playgrounds and walking trails as well as Southgate Park which offers tennis courts and a community center.

To the south lies Glenn Dale, Maryland – another small suburb with plenty of attractions for visitors to enjoy. One popular attraction in Glenn Dale is Watkins Regional Park which features an old-fashioned carousel ride as well as mini golf courses and plenty of trails for hiking or biking through nature’s beauty. In addition to Watkins Regional Park, visitors can also explore Goddard Space Flight Center or take part in one of many festivals hosted throughout the year such as Oktoberfest or Summerfest at Glenn Dale Community Center.

Finally, to the west lies Annapolis Junction – a small suburban town with something for everyone! Annapolis Junction has several shopping centers such as Arundel Mills Mall along with restaurants featuring cuisines from around world making it an ideal destination for foodies! Additionally, Annapolis Junction also hosts various concerts throughout summer months at Music Center at Strathmore offering music lovers an opportunity to enjoy live performances from their favorite artists up close!

Overall, Bowie borders several towns and cities that each offer something unique making it an ideal place to visit or call home!

Bowie, Maryland

Population of Bowie, Maryland

Bowie, Maryland is a charming and vibrant city located in Prince George’s County. According to the 2019 US Census, Bowie has a population of 57,569 people. The racial makeup of the city is predominantly African American (59.7%), followed by White (30.3%), and Asian (5.3%). Additionally, the city is home to a large Hispanic population (15%) as well as other minority groups such as Native American, Pacific Islander and Middle Easterners. For information about the state of Maryland, please visit sourcemakeup.

Bowie has experienced steady growth in recent years with an influx of new residents coming from nearby cities such as Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Annapolis. This growth has led to an increase in the diversity of its population which now includes people from all walks of life including young professionals, families with children and retirees alike.

The median age of Bowie’s population is 34 years old with a median household income of $98,946 which is well above the national average for similar sized cities in Maryland and across the country as a whole. Additionally, Bowie is home to many highly educated individuals with over 40% having obtained either an Associate’s Degree or higher level of education compared to just 28% nationally.

In terms of employment opportunities, most residents are employed in professional occupations such as healthcare practitioners and technical support specialists making up 20% of all jobs while sales representatives make up another 14%. Moreover, many residents are employed at local government institutions such as public schools or universities which offer additional job opportunities within their respective fields.

Overall, Bowie is a diverse community that offers its residents plenty of employment opportunities while allowing them to experience all that this charming city has to offer!

Schools and Education in Bowie, Maryland

Bowie, Maryland is served by the Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) system which is the second largest school district in the state. The city has a total of 22 public schools including two high schools, five middle schools, and fifteen elementary schools.

The two high schools in Bowie are the Bowie High School and Samuel Ogle Middle School. Both are highly rated with a variety of extracurricular activities available to students including athletics, music and art programs, and various clubs. Moreover, both high schools offer a range of Advanced Placement (AP) classes as well as college preparatory classes for students interested in continuing their education after graduation.

Bowie also offers several private school options including St. Thomas More Academy which is a Catholic school that serves grades Pre-K through 8th grade, and Indian Creek School which is an independent co-ed day school for grades Pre-K through 12th grade. Additionally, there are several other private education options such as Montessori Schools and Waldorf Schools located within the city limits.

In addition to public and private schooling options within Bowie, there are also several higher education institutions located nearby such as Bowie State University which offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs; University of Maryland College Park; George Washington University; American University; The Catholic University of America; Johns Hopkins University; Georgetown University; Howard Community College; Montgomery College; Prince George’s Community College; and many more!

Overall, Bowie provides its citizens with an abundance of educational opportunities from pre-school all the way up to graduate level studies! With so many great options available it is easy to see why Bowie has become such a desirable place to live or visit!

Places of Interest in Bowie, Maryland

Bowie, Maryland is a vibrant city with plenty of places to explore. From outdoor recreation to shopping and dining, there is something for everyone.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love the variety of parks in Bowie. Allen Pond Park is a great spot for walking and biking trails, fishing, and even kayaking. Patuxent River Park offers a variety of activities such as camping, picnicking, and kayaking. For those looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, the Quiet Waters Park features a waterfront boardwalk with stunning views of the Chesapeake Bay.

For shopping lovers, Bowie Town Center offers plenty of options from department stores to specialty shops. The nearby Arundel Mills Mall has over 200 stores including high-end retailers and outlet stores. The Bowie Farmers Market also provides fresh local produce throughout the summer months.

Dining options in Bowie range from casual eateries to upscale restaurants such as the Bowie Chop House and the Old Line Bistro & Pub. There are also several fast food chains like McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A scattered around town.

In addition to its abundance of recreational opportunities, Bowie is also home to several cultural attractions such as the Belair Mansion which houses an impressive collection of early 19th century artifacts; The National Capital Radio & Television Museum which showcases vintage radios and TVs; The Regency Furniture Stadium which hosts minor league baseball games; The AFI Silver Theater which shows independent films; And much more!

Bowie truly has something for everyone! With its diverse selection of recreational activities, shopping centers, restaurants, and cultural attractions it’s no wonder why this city has become so popular!