Bovill, Idaho Population, Schools and Places of Interest

By | April 20, 2023

According to a2zcamerablog, Bovill, Idaho is a small town located in Latah County in the northern part of the state. Bordering cities and towns include Deary, Kendrick, Genesee, Princeton, Troy and Harvard. Each of these towns has its own unique character and charm that make them great destinations for visitors to explore.

Deary is a small town with a population of about 600 people. It’s known for its rural beauty and farming heritage which can be seen in its many farms and orchards. Visitors can take part in activities like fishing, hunting, hiking or horseback riding as well as enjoy local shops and restaurants.

Kendrick is another small rural town with a population of around 500 people. It’s known for its historic downtown area which features several old buildings including churches, an opera house and an old jailhouse that are all worth visiting. The nearby Kendrick Park is also great for fishing or picnics while the nearby Clearwater River offers great opportunities for rafting or kayaking adventures.

Genesee is a larger city with a population of around 2,000 people. It’s home to many historic buildings as well as numerous parks where visitors can enjoy outdoor activities like fishing or hiking through the forests surrounding the city. Additionally, there are several museums throughout Genesee such as the Latah County Historical Society Museum which offers insight into local history through exhibits and artifacts from the area’s past.

Princeton is another popular destination near Bovill offering visitors plenty to see and do including exploring its downtown area filled with antique shops, art galleries, restaurants and more! Additionally, there are several parks located near Princeton where visitors can take part in activities like camping or boating on nearby lakes.

Troy is yet another small rural town located near Bovill with a population of about 1,000 people that’s known for its friendly locals and quaint atmosphere. Here you’ll find plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing on nearby rivers or exploring one of Troy’s many scenic hiking trails while enjoying views of beautiful rolling hillsides covered with trees!

Finally, Harvard is one of the larger towns near Bovill with a population around 5,000 people offering plenty to see including several museums such as The Harvard Historical Museum which provides insight into local history through artifacts from early settlers in this area! There are also plenty of outdoor activities available here such as camping at one of Harvard’s many parks or taking part in water sports on nearby lakes!

Overall, there are many bordering cities and towns near Bovill that offer visitors plenty to explore! Whether you’re looking to experience some local culture, explore nature or just relax there’s something here for everyone!

Bovill, Idaho

Population of Bovill, Idaho

Bovill, Idaho is a small rural town located in Latah County in the northern part of the state. It has a population of just over 400 people, making it one of the smallest towns in Idaho. Despite its size, Bovill has been an important part of the local community since its founding in 1884. For information about the state of Idaho, please visit healthinclude.

Most of Bovill’s population is made up of Caucasian individuals, with almost 90% identifying as such. The remaining 10% are primarily Hispanic and Native American individuals. The median age for residents is around 36 years old and there are roughly equal numbers of males and females living in town.

The majority of residents are employed either in agriculture or forestry related industries including logging and farming. There are also many small businesses located throughout Bovill including restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, hardware stores and more! Additionally, many residents commute to nearby cities such as Genesee or Moscow for employment opportunities.

The median household income for Bovill is around $37,000 per year which is slightly lower than the statewide average income but still much higher than many other rural areas throughout Idaho. The cost of living is also relatively low compared to other areas making it a great option for those looking to save money while still enjoying a relaxed lifestyle.

Overall, Bovill is a great place to live with plenty to do! With its beautiful landscape, friendly locals and numerous outdoor activities there’s something here for everyone! Whether you’re looking to settle down or just visit for a while you’ll find this small town charming and welcoming!

Schools and Education in Bovill, Idaho

Bovill, Idaho is home to a small but highly regarded school system. The area’s schools are part of the Latah County Joint School District and consist of two elementary schools, one middle school and one high school.

The elementary schools are located in Bovill and Genesee and provide students with a quality education from kindergarten through fifth grade. The curriculum is focused on providing students with a strong foundation in all core subjects including math, science, reading, writing and social studies. In addition to these core subjects students also have the opportunity to take classes in art, music and physical education.

The middle school is located in Bovill and serves students from sixth grade through eighth grade. Here students continue to build upon their core knowledge while learning more advanced topics such as algebra, geometry, earth science and history. Elective classes are also available for those who wish to pursue specific interests such as art or music.

At the high school level students can choose from a variety of classes including English language arts, mathematics, sciences, foreign languages and social studies among others. Elective courses include everything from business classes to photography to woodworking! Additionally, there are several advanced placement (AP) courses available for those interested in furthering their education beyond high school graduation.

In addition to the public schools Bovill also has three private parochial schools: two K-8 schools (one Catholic and one Lutheran) as well as a Catholic high school offering grades 9-12. These private institutions provide an alternative option for families looking for an environment with more religious emphasis or smaller class sizes than what is available at the public schools.

Overall, Bovill offers an excellent educational system that provides children with all the tools they need for success! With its strong academic foundation as well as numerous extracurricular activities it’s no wonder why so many families choose this small rural town as their home!

Places of Interest in Bovill, Idaho

Bovill, Idaho is a small rural town located in Latah County, in the northern part of the state. With a population of just over 500 people, Bovill is the perfect place for those looking for a peaceful and quiet environment. Despite its small size, Bovill offers plenty of places to explore and activities to enjoy.

One of the most popular attractions in Bovill is the Latah County Historical Museum. This museum houses artifacts from over 150 years of local history, including photographs, documents and objects used by early settlers. The museum also features interactive displays that tell the stories of some of Bovill’s most famous citizens. Visitors can also take part in guided tours around the museum’s grounds which include old buildings and sites from Bovill’s past.

For outdoor enthusiasts, there are plenty of options in and around Bovill. The nearby Clearwater National Forest offers miles of trails for hiking and biking as well as camping sites with spectacular views. There are also several lakes nearby where visitors can go fishing or boating or just enjoy some peaceful time by the water’s edge.

Bovill is also home to several parks including Memorial Park which has a playground, picnic area and basketball court; Pioneer Park which features an amphitheater; and Sportsman’s Park which is great for baseball or soccer games. There are also numerous events held throughout the year such as farmers markets, art festivals and car shows that bring together locals and visitors alike!

Finally, those who enjoy shopping can find plenty of unique items at local stores like The General Store which sells antiques and vintage items as well as handmade crafts; The Rustic Shoppe which specializes in furniture made from reclaimed wood; or Gertie’s Boutique where shoppers can find stylish clothing for women and children.

No matter what brings you to Bovill, you will be sure to find something that appeals to your interests! With its rich history, beautiful natural scenery and variety of places to explore there is something here for everyone!