Bolivian Adventist University (UAB)

By | December 15, 2022

Bolivian Adventist University (UAB). Private Higher Education Institution sponsored and founded by the Seventh-day Adventist Church who legally represents it. It is located in the department of Cochabamba and was founded by Ministerial Resolution on July 31, 1991. Check electronicsmatter for more universities.

Historical review

Its origins date back to the educational project started in 1928 by the Bolivian Adventist Institute in the rural town of Collana, located in the Department of La Paz. The Institute, which in 1931 received official recognition from the national educational authorities, was transferred years later to the town of Carcaje in Cochabamba.

In 1949, given the imminence that the institution’s lands would be flooded to make way for the Angostura Dam, it was transferred to Vinto, in the Lower Valley of the Department of Cochabamba. In this new location, the tasks of the Institute became more complex and enriched. The Rural Normal School is added to the secondary studies in 1957 and in 1973 the Urban Normal School. Based on the accumulated experience, it was decided to venture into university education. On March 14, 1990, it was decided to found the UAB, by decision of the members of the Adventist Church. After the respective procedures, the National Government through Supreme Resolution 208831 recognized the legal status of the UAB.

For its part, the Ministry of Education and Culture through Ministerial Resolution No. 1047 of July 31, 1991, authorized the opening and operation of the UAB. The Ministry of Education, after the institutional evaluation carried out on the Private Universities of Bolivia in 2002, certified the UAB as a Full University by Ministerial Resolution 143/02 of May 21, 2002.

On April 11, 2012, the Constitutional President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Evo Morales Ayma, issues Supreme Decree No. 1190, which states that the opening and institutional operation of Private Universities will be authorized by Supreme Decree.

In application and compliance with Ministerial Resolution No. 017/2011, the Adventist University of Bolivia is declared a Hierarchical University ratifying the authorization of opening and legal operation.


To be an Adventist institution committed to the comprehensive training of professionals and the development of science and technology, based on the biblical worldview, to provide quality service to God and Society.


To be the leading institution in the comprehensive training of professionals; that educates for this life and eternity, harmoniously developing the physical, mental, social and spiritual potentialities for a life of service.

Careers and postgraduates


  • Network and Telecommunications Engineering
  • Systems engineer
  • Commercial engineering
  • Business Administration
  • Public accounting
  • Nutrition
  • Nursing
  • Physiotherapy and Kinesiology
  • Psychology
  • Psychopedagogy
  • Theology


  • Diploma in Scientific Research
  • Diploma in Worldview and Christian Education
  • Diploma in Didactics of Higher Education
  • Diploma in Church Management

Bolivian Adventist University