Best Medical Schools in Utah

By | April 28, 2018

Welcome to Utah best medical schools. Our rankings are based on alumni reviews, research scores received, peer institution assessment and admissions statistics including averaged MCAT scores, undergraduate GPA as well as acceptance rates. Below we list top medical schools in Utah that are top ranked nationally. You can find tuition cost, total enrollment and composite MCAT score for each school.

  • TIMEDICTIONARY: Overview of major cities and towns in Utah. Includes history, population and geographical map of Utah.

Best Medical Schools in Utah

National Ranking Best Medical Programs
52 University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT)
Acceptance rate: 7.9%
MCAT composite score: 9.7
Tuition: Full-time: $28,735 (in-state), Full-time: $54,400 (out-of-state)
Average undergraduate GPA: 3.66
Total medical school enrollment: 340
Full-time faculty-student ratio: 4.0:1
NIH funds granted to medical school and affiliated hospitals (in millions): $135.7

University of Utah Medical School

Early History of Utah

On July 24, 1847, the first group of Mormon settlers, led by Brigham Young, came to the Great Salt Lake Valley. Forced to leave their homes, they set off on a journey of more than two thousand kilometers from the city of Nauvoo in Illinois back in February 1846, and only a year and a half later they reached the lands of their new homeland. It was then that Salt Lake City was founded, which became the largest city and capital of Utah.

Until the end of 1847, more than one and a half thousand immigrants moved to Utah, and over the next two decades, several tens of thousands of people passed along the “Mormon Trail” (beginning in Illinois and passing through Iowa, Nebraskaand Wyoming ).

At the time of the settlement of the first Mormons in Utah, these lands still formally belonged to Mexico (and earlier to Spain), but already in 1848, after the end of the Mexican-American War and the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Utah officially became American. Already in 1849, the Mormons of Utah took the initiative to create a new state, which was to be called “Deseret” and include (in whole or in part) the lands of the modern states of Utah, Nevada, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, New Mexico and Oregon. This proposal was rejected by the US federal government., but already in 1850, the US Congress decided to create the territory of Utah, which, in addition to Utah itself, included most of Nevada, as well as partly the lands of Colorado and Wyoming. Mormon religious leader Brigham Young became governor of the new territory.

In the fifties of the XIX century, a conflict between the leadership of Utah and the government of the United States of America was gradually brewing, and its main reason was polygamy (polygamy) practiced by the Mormons, which was contrary to US federal law. The situation was also aggravated by disputes between theocratic leaders of the territory and officials appointed from Washington . In 1857, when opinion spread in the eastern United States about the actual revolt of the Mormons and disobedience to their government, US President James Buchanan sent a military expedition of about 2,500 people to Utah, the task of which was to remove Brigham Young. Upon learning of the approach of federal troops, the people of Utah formed a militia (“Legion of Nauvoo”) and prepared to defend themselves with weapons in their hands.