Best Engineering Schools in Arkansas

By | April 29, 2018

This article features top engineering colleges in Arkansas that offer master and doctoral degrees in the fields of biological engineering, chemical engineering, computer science, materials engineering, mechanical engineering, etc. Please be informed that each school receives national wide rank as the ranking compares all engineering schools in the United States. Some important ranking factors include average GRE scores, alumni surveys, current student interviews, institutional research publications, and peer college assessment. In the following list of best engineering schools in the state of Arkansas, you can see tuition cost for both in-state and out-of-state students, acceptable rates and admissions statistics for each top ranked engineering college.

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Best Engineering Schools in Arkansas

National Ranking Arkansas Top Engineering Programs
112 University of Arkansas–Fayetteville (Fayetteville, AR)
Overall acceptance rate: 38.5%
Average GRE quantitative score (master’s and Ph.D. students): 749
Tuition: In-state, full-time: $335 per credit, Out-of-state, full-time: $793 per credit
Total graduate engineering enrollment: 387
Research expenditures per faculty member: $201,017
Engineering school research expenditures (2010-2011 fiscal year): $20,905,853
Faculty membership in National Academy of Engineering: 2.0%University of Arkansas--Fayetteville Engineering School

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