Best Business Schools in West Virginia

By | March 2, 2019

Search top business school MBA programs in the state of West Virginia. Find latest rankings of MBA schools national wide and state wide. For detailed admissions statistics and graduate employment rate, check the following table for each top-ranked business college within West Virginia, with acceptance rate, average GPA and GMAT scores, as well as well tuition and starting salary information of all best MBA universities in West Virginia.

West Virginia is home to some of the top business schools in the nation. Marshall University‘s College of Business, located in Huntington, offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees in business and management. It has been consistently ranked among the top 50 business schools in the country by U.S. News & World Report, and its MBA program is especially highly rated. The College of Business also offers a range of specialized master’s degrees and certificate programs designed to meet the needs of working professionals.

The University of West Virginia (UWV) School of Business is another highly respected business school that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees that focus on entrepreneurial thinking, global strategy, and technology-driven innovation. Students at UWV can pursue an MBA or other specialized master’s degrees or certificates such as a Master’s in Accounting or Finance. The school also offers several dual degree options that allow students to combine their studies with other disciplines such as engineering or law. Additionally, UWV has recently launched an Executive MBA program aimed at experienced professionals looking to advance their career opportunities within their organization or industry sector.

The West Virginia University College of Business & Economics is one of the most established business schools in the state, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in a wide range of disciplines including accounting, finance, marketing, economics and management information systems. It also offers several specialized master’s degree programs such as Global Supply Chain Management and Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management that prepare students for leadership roles in their chosen fields. Additionally, WVU has recently launched an Executive MBA program aimed at experienced professionals looking to advance their career opportunities within their organization or industry sector.

For those looking for more specialized training, West Virginia also has several other private institutions offering certificate programs such as the American Public University System located in Charles Town which specializes in online education for individuals seeking professional certification or advancement within their field. The International Institute for Management Development (IIMD) based out of Morgantown provides customized executive education programs designed to help working professionals achieve success within their industries through courses on strategic leadership development and operational excellence training among other topics related to business management theory and practice.

  • The capital city of West Virginia is Charleston, which was established in 1885. With a land area of 31.6 mi2, Charleston has a total population of 46,536 according to timedictionary.
National Ranking Best Business MBA Programs
134 West Virginia University (Morgantown, WV)
Acceptance rate: 33.3%
Average GMAT score: 601
Average undergraduate GPA: 3.40
Tuition: In-state, full-time: $20,300 per program; Out-of-state, full-time: $51,200 per program
Enrollment (full-time): 38
Average starting salary and bonus: $51,623
Full-time graduates employed at graduation: 46.2%West Virginia University Business School

Best Business Schools in West Virginia

According to transporthint, West Virginia is the 41st most populous state in the United States, with an estimated population of 1,793,477 people as of 2019. It is located in the Appalachian region of the Southern United States and is bordered by Pennsylvania to the north, Maryland to the east and northeast, Virginia to the southeast, Kentucky to the southwest, and Ohio to the northwest. The capital and largest city of West Virginia is Charleston. West Virginia was part of Virginia until 1863 when it became a separate state during the American Civil War. The state has a rich history and culture that includes Appalachian music and cuisine. West Virginia has numerous national parks including New River Gorge National Park, Monogahela National Forest and Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. Agriculture is an important economic activity in West Virginia with cattle, dairy products, poultry and apples being some of its major products. Coal mining is also a major industry in the state as it produces more coal than any other state in America. Tourism is also an important source of income for many people living in West Virginia due to its beautiful mountain scenery and abundant outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting and skiing. The University of Charleston, Marshall University and West Liberty University are all located in West Virginia offering students quality education options.

Recent History of West Virginia

In February 1861, after the secession of the seven southern states and the formation of the Confederate States of America, the government of Virginia convened a meeting in Richmond, whose delegates were to work out the attitude of the state to the question of secession. In April, after the shelling of Fort Sumter, this convention decided to withdraw Virginia from the United States.

In May 1861, representatives of forty-eight western counties of Virginia gathered in Wheeling, disagreeing with the decision to secede. In June, the meeting participants reaffirmed their allegiance to the Union, invalidated the Richmond ordinances of secession, and elected a new government and governor of Virginia. In October, residents of the western regions supported the decision to secede from Virginia in a referendum, in November the Constitutional Convention of West Virginia began to work (by the way, the new state was proposed to be called differently: “New Virginia”, “Kenova”, “Vandalia”, “Allegheny” etc) . In May 1862, state legislators petitioned the U.S. Congress for admission to the Union, US state.

Approximately the same number of West Virginians fought in the Civil War years in the armies of the Union and the Confederate – about twenty-two to twenty-five thousand people on each side. Already in the summer of 1861, the northerners established control over most of the territory of West Virginia, which undoubtedly played a significant role in the formation of the new state. The Confederates, in turn, successfully applied the tactics of guerrilla warfare, for example, in the spring of 1863, as a result of a successful raid, they were able to capture and destroy several important structures on the Baltimore-Ohio railroad, interrupting communication on it for some time.