Bernville, Pennsylvania Population, Schools and Places of Interest

By | May 31, 2023

Bernville is a small borough located in Berks County, Pennsylvania. It is bordered by the towns of Leesport to the north, Blandon to the east, Angelica to the south, and Shillington to the west. The total area of Bernville is 0.7 square miles and it has a population of just over 1,100 people.

Leesport is a borough located in Berks County, Pennsylvania with a population of 2,869 people as of 2019. It was founded in 1793 and named after an early settler named John Lees who owned much of the land in this area. The town borders Bernville to the north and offers many attractions such as a historic downtown district with shops, restaurants, galleries, and entertainment venues along with plenty of outdoor activities like hiking trails and fishing spots at nearby Blue Marsh Lake.

Blandon is a borough in Berks County with a population of 3,220 people as of 2019 according to census estimates. This town was founded in 1875 on land that was part of an early settlement known as “The Great Swamp” which was settled by German immigrants looking for farmland. Blandon borders Bernville to the east and offers its own attractions such as several historic sites including an old stone church dating back to 1745 along with plenty of outdoor activities like golfing at nearby Pine Meadows Golf Course or walking/biking along its numerous trails.

Angelica is a small borough located in Berks County just south of Bernville with a population estimate of 1,622 people as recorded by census data from 2019. This town was originally settled by German immigrants who were attracted by its fertile soil which led to it becoming one of the most productive agricultural centers in Pennsylvania during its heyday during the 19th century. Today, Angelica still retains much of its rural charm while offering modern amenities such as several parks for outdoor recreation including Angelica Park which features two playgrounds and plenty of open space for picnics or other activities.

Shillington is an unincorporated community located just west from Bernville within Cumru Township in Berks County with an estimated population around 5500 people according to 2019 census data estimates. This area was originally settled by German immigrants starting around 1790 who were attracted by its fertile soil which allowed them to establish successful farms here that have continued into modern times while also providing ample opportunity for recreational activities like fishing or camping at nearby Blue Marsh Lake or hiking/biking along numerous trails throughout this area including those at Reading Mountain Bike Park which are considered some of best mountain biking trails in all Pennsylvania.

Bernville, Pennsylvania

Population of Bernville, Pennsylvania

According to allunitconverters, Bernville, Pennsylvania is a borough located in Berks County. According to the 2010 census, the population of Bernville is 1,812 people. The population of Bernville has remained relatively stable over the past decade. The majority of residents in Bernville are white with a small percentage of African American and Hispanic residents. There is also a small Asian population living in Bernville. The median age in Bernville is 43 years old with about half of the population being under age 35.

The median household income in Bernville is slightly below the national average at $48,660 per year. Most of the households in Bernville are two-person households and families make up almost two-thirds of all households. Most people who live in Bernville work either full or part-time jobs with some people having multiple jobs to make ends meet.

The education level for most adults living in Bernville falls between high school diploma and some college experience or an associate’s degree. There are also many retirees that live within the borough as well as people who work from home or telecommute to their place of employment outside of the area.

The crime rate within the borough is low compared to other communities nearby and most residents feel safe living here due to low crime rates and an active police force that patrols on a daily basis. The local government works hard to ensure that all citizens feel safe and secure when out and about within their community by providing resources such as community watch programs, neighborhood watch groups, and regular town hall meetings for citizens to voice their concerns or questions about local issues or policies that affect them directly.

Schools and Education of Bernville, Pennsylvania

According to usaers, Bernville, Pennsylvania is served by the Schuylkill Valley School District which offers education from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. The school district also has a learning center for students with special needs. The district consists of two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school.

The elementary schools in Bernville are Bernville Elementary and Mohnsville Elementary. Both schools offer a rigorous academic curriculum with an emphasis on math, science, and language arts. They also offer enrichment programs such as art, music, physical education, technology education, and foreign language classes.

The middle school in Bernville is Schuylkill Valley Middle School which provides students with more challenging coursework as they prepare to enter high school. The curriculum focuses on core subjects such as math, science, English and social studies as well as electives such as art or music appreciation classes.

The high school in Bernville is Schuylkill Valley High School which provides students with an excellent education that prepares them for college or the workforce after graduation. The curriculum includes core classes such as math, science, English and social studies in addition to electives such as art or music appreciation classes or technology courses. There are many AP courses available for students who wish to challenge themselves academically while at Schuylkill Valley High School.

In addition to the public schools within the Schuylkill Valley School District there are also private schools available in the area including St John Neumann Regional Academy and Berks Christian School both of which provide a faith-based education for their students.

The residents of Bernville place a great importance on education and take pride in their strong academic system that allows their children to receive an excellent education throughout their schooling years within the borough’s boundaries.

Landmarks in Bernville, Pennsylvania

Bernville, Pennsylvania is a small borough located in Berks County, about an hour northwest of Philadelphia. It has a population of just over 1,000 and is served by the Schuylkill Valley School District. Bernville is home to many picturesque landmarks that are worth exploring.

The most well-known landmark in Bernville is the historic Bernville Hotel. Built in 1820, the hotel was originally a stagecoach stop for travelers on their way to Reading, PA. It has since been restored and now serves as an event space for weddings and other special occasions. The hotel is known for its beautiful brick exterior and large veranda which overlooks the town’s main street.

The historic Wilhelm Building is another notable landmark in the borough. Built in 1845, it was originally a storehouse for grain but now serves as a restaurant with live music on weekends. The building still retains its original architecture and features beautiful stained glass windows and an outdoor patio area where patrons can enjoy their meals while admiring the view of the town square below them.

The Old Church of St Peter’s Lutheran Church is another landmark worth visiting while in Bernville. The church was built in 1845 and remains one of the oldest churches in Berks County today. Its striking Gothic Revival style architecture makes it one of the most recognizable buildings in town and it still holds regular services every Sunday morning at 10 am.

Also located within Bernville’s boundaries is Little Buffalo State Park which offers visitors plenty of outdoor activities including hiking trails, swimming areas, fishing spots and more. Visitors can also explore some of the area’s historic sites such as Governor Dick Tower or take part in educational programs offered by park rangers throughout the year such as bird watching or geocaching tours.

For those looking to experience some local culture, there are several art galleries located throughout Bernville including Artisans Gallery which showcases works from local artists from across Pennsylvania as well as nationally known sculptors like Jody Pinto who have exhibited at galleries across Europe and North America. There are also several antique stores located around town where visitors can find unique items from past eras such as furniture or jewelry pieces that add character to any home décor collection.

Overall, there are plenty of landmarks worth exploring when visiting Bernville. From historic buildings to outdoor activities to art galleries – there’s something here for everyone. Whether you want to take part in some cultural experiences or just enjoy some fresh air – you won’t be disappointed with what this small borough has to offer.