Autonomous University Gabriel Rene Moreno

By | December 15, 2022

Autonomous University Gabriel Rene Moreno. The Gabriel René Moreno Autonomous University is the most important higher education center in the department of Santa Cruz in Bolivia. It welcomes more than 41,000 students from all over the national territory in its classrooms. In the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, capital of the Department, it has ten faculties where 41 careers are taught, from different areas of knowledge. Check bestitude for more universities.


It was founded on January 11, 1880, in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. It bears the name of the Illustrious Bolivian Thinker, Historian and Literate Gabriel René Moreno, called the “Prince of Letters”, and is recognized by the acronym UAGRM. This institution has the task of contributing to the development of society through the production of scientific knowledge., the training of professionals of excellence, technology transfer, active participation in social struggles for the welfare of all, cultural promotion and protection of the multiple identities of Bolivia.


After many demands from the people, the government of General Hilarión Daza decreed on December 15, 1879, the creation of the Fourth University District, which corresponded to the departments of Santa Cruz and Beni. This decree established the creation of the Universidad Cruceña on January 11, 1880.

The University was formally installed in 1880 and the first Rector was appointed: Bishop Juan José Valdivia and the first Secretary General, Dr. Felipe Leonor Ribera. Medicine, Theology and Law careers were opened.

Medicine had a very short existence, the Central State did not grant the necessary resources for the training of new doctors and in 1892, it had to be closed. Theology was a career that was still open until 1925, but the few students led to its closure. The Law School remained open from the beginning.

Until 1898, the University was called the University of Santa Cruz, in that year the government gave it the name of Santo Tomás de Aquino University and in 1911, it was baptized with the name of the literary genius from Santa Cruz, Gabriel René Moreno, a name that remains until the present.

In 1973 the University opened the University Television Channel, for the first time in Santa Cruz television was known.

In 1990, it created the Post-Graduate School and thus allow the specialization of graduates. Two new faculties opened in 1992, the Humanities and Human Health Sciences, and in 1998 the Faculty of Habitat Sciences.

College Composition

The UAGRM has 12 Faculties and 5 Comprehensive Faculties, 5 Academic Units, 61 Career Departments, 6 University Departments, 25 Research Centers, a staff of more than 1,400 teachers and 1,460 Administrative staff. Around 78,000 students are trained in its classrooms.

Autonomous University Gabriel Rene Moreno