Armenia Travel Facts

By | March 8, 2022

Armenia is located in the Caucasus and borders the countries of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey. After a checkered history of oppression and foreign rule, the country declared its independence in 1991.

Capital City Jerewan
Size 29.800 km²
Resident 3.020.000
Official Language Armenian
Currency Dram
Time Zone UTC+4
Telephone Area Code +374

Source: Destination Explorer

Fast facts to know

  • Mountain country: 90% of the country is 1,000 meters above sea level or higher.
  • Located at the intersection of the Asian and European continents.
  • Houses great history and significant cultural heritage.
  • A third of the country’s residents live in Yerevan.
  • Armenian cuisine is one of the oldest cuisines in the world.
  • Peaches and apricots originally come from Armenia, from where they were brought to Greece by Alexander the Great.

Exciting cities in Armenia

  • Etschmiadsin
  • Jerewan
  • Dilijan
  • Jermuk
  • Khndzoresk

History of Armenia

  • 850-600 BC Kingdom of Urartu.
  • 521 BC first mention as Armenia.
  • 546-331 BC rule of the Persians.
  • Conquest by Alexander the Great.
  • Late Antiquity: fought over and over again by Rome and Persia.
  • Middle Ages: Decay of the country led by Arab tribes.
  • Incorporation into the Ottoman Empire.
  • Soviet rule and incorporation as the Armenian SSR.
  • September 21, 1991 Declaration of Independence.

Climate & travel weather in Armenia

  • Very different climate zones due to differences in altitude.
  • Most of the country with a continental climate.
  • Hot & dry summers, cold winters.
  • Best travel time: May to October

Ideas for trips in Armenia

  • Holy Mount Ararat
  • Kloster Geghard
  • Haghpat and Sanahin monasteries
  • The Cascade
  • TaTever & Kloster Tatev
  • Temple of Garni
  • Goris rock caves
  • Gandassar Monastery
  • Fort Amberd

Food & Drink in Armenia

  • Most important food: bread (lavash – thin flatbread made from flour, water and salt).
  • Liked to eat – grilled and roasted pork, beef and lamb.
  • Unmanageable variety of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Abundant use of herbs and wild plants.
  • Regarded as the motherland of viticulture.
  • Very good beers such as the Kilikia, Kotayk and Erebuni brands.
  • Armenians like to drink a lot of coffee.
  • Breakfast rather unimportant, rich main meal at 5 p.m.
  • Typical dishes:
    • Dolma (stuffed grape leaves).
    • Tzhvzhik (braised beef heart and beef liver).
    • Blinkick (smoked cheese).
    • Tan (mixture of yogurt and water, salted).
    • Lahmajo (crepes with minced meat topping).
    • Ishli qufta (stuffed oblong pie).
    • Alani (candied peach with nuts).

Particularly scenic

  • Chains of the Lesser Caucasus in the north
  • Vulkanische Hochfläche des Aragaz
  • Ararat plain in the south-west
  • Hunot Gorge
  • Sewansee

Armenia Travel Facts