Angola Travel Facts

By | March 5, 2022

After the end of a 25-year civil war, Angola is slowly being rebuilt and increasingly being rediscovered as a tourist destination. The fantastic, original nature of Africa, the many wild animals, varied landscapes and the fact that the country has not yet been discovered by mass tourism make Angola (still) a real insider tip.

Capital City Luanda
Size 1.246.700 km²
Resident 24.300.000
Official Language Portuguese
Currency First
Time Zone UTC+1
Telephone Area Code +244

Source: Destination Explorer

Fast facts to know

  • Entry as a German only with a visa, which must be applied for at the Angolan embassy in Berlin.
  • Yellow fever vaccination must be available and verifiable.
  • Limited internet use, poorly developed landline telephone network.
  • Poorly developed health system.
  • Year-round risk of malaria.
  • Dollars are often accepted in addition to the kwanza.
  • Be careful when photographing both public buildings and people (religious aspect).
  • No nationwide, continuous power supply.
  • Long, light-colored clothing should be preferred (no shorts, off-the-shoulder tops, etc.).

Exciting cities in Angola

  • Luanda
  • Huambo
  • Benguela
  • Lobito

History of Angola

  • Originally Khoisan, later Bantu ethnic groups
  • 1483 first Portuguese trading posts
  • Early 19th century: systematic conquest and occupation
  • 1961 armed liberation struggle
  • 1974 Carnation Revolution
  • 25 years of civil war

Climate & travel weather in Angola

  • Tropical to subtropical climate
  • North & coast tropically hot
  • Southeast: hot, dry desert climate
  • Highlands & South: tropical temperate
  • Best travel time: May / Jun, Sep / Oct

Ideas for trips in Angola

  • Kissama-National Park
  • Wasserfall Kalandula
  • Vulkan Tunda Vala
  • Luanda:
    • Portuguese fortress of Sao Miguel
    • Africa’s most modern shopping mall, the “Belas Shopping Center”
  • Insel Massula

Eating & Drinking in Angola

  • Corn and palm oil are among the staple foods
  • Funje (corn or cassava polenta)
  • Mufete de cacuso (grilled fish with a spicy sauce)
  • Chicken Muamba (chicken dish prepared with lots of garlic)
  • Palm wine & coffee very popular
  • Also typically a soft drink made from fermented corn

Particularly scenic

  • Plateaus with savannas and rainforests
  • Highlands of Bié
  • Northern part of the Namib desert
  • Majestic rivers & spectacular waterfalls
  • Kissama National Park

Angola Travel Facts