Amazonian University of Pando

By | December 15, 2022

Amazonian University of Pando. Institution of Higher Education, academic and investigative located in the city of Cobija, department of Pando, Bolivia. It was founded on December 3, 1993. Check ablogtophone for more universities.


  • In a Constituent Congress of the working class the creation of the Technical University of Pando is approved.
  • In 1984, the creation of the University of Pando was approved according to Supreme Decree No. 20511 dated September 21.
  • In 1993, Supreme Decree No. 23453 dated March 31, grants the building of the former State Bank as a loan for the operation of the University.
  • On December 3, the Operations Committee of the Amazonian University of Pando takes office and appoints the First Rector.

The Amazonian University of Pando is founded on December 3 as the Amazonian University of Pando.

Institutional Mission

Public and Autonomous Institution of Higher Education, which trains suitable professionals, with academic excellence, critical thinking and social commitment, who develops scientific research and technology, promoting social interaction, in a context of social diversity and interculturality, to contribute to integral development of our Amazon.

Institutional Vision

This University will be an autonomous, transparent, decentralized, inclusive University, with freedom of thought, committed to its population, that provides professionals with academic excellence, scientific research and pertinent technology towards its environment; focused on a modern and flexible management based on results, with all its accredited programs, oriented to the well-being of the university community to contribute to the integral development of our Amazon.


The rector of this university is engineer Ludwing Arcienega Baptista and the vice-rector is José Luis Segovia.

University majors

  • Degree in nursing
  • Bachelor of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Biology
  • Agroforestry Engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Bachelor of Dentistry
  • Degree in public accounting
  • Bachelor of Political Science and Public Management
  • Law degree
  • Civil Engineering
  • Industrial engineering
  • Systems engineer

Amazonian University of Pando