ACT Tutoring Tips

By | February 25, 2019

ACT is a widely used college entrance examination. With students facing strong competition for admission to top schools, many hire a tutor to help get top scores on the exam. Tutoring for the ACT is an excellent way to earn extra money while providing a much needed service.

If you’re considering tutoring for ACT, you’re probably already familiar with the test format. If not, take time to learn about it, so you can advise your students accordingly. Know what you can expect from the test day plays a significant role in how well a student performs. For example, if you guide for math section, you need to know that the test always has 60 questions, and the time allocated for this section is 60 minutes. Help your students develop the test execution services strategies are an important part of the ACT for guidance. Detailed information on all aspects of the test is available at, the website of the organization that governs the ACT.

Assess Your students’ needs

Before teaching concepts and refining skills, you need to know your student’s strengths and weaknesses. You don’t want to waste time on material a student already know, and you don’t want to leave out concepts a student need to learn. Some students know what they need to learn, but others are not so sure. A good way to assess the level of your students is to manage a practice test to identify strengths and weaknesses. You can print a free practice test from website.

Teach and Review

How you use your time during a tutoring session, depends on the level of your students and their goals. For example, a student who already have taken the ACT and scored a 29 or 30 may need a tutor to try to get a higher score. This type of students are already very knowledgeable and probably does not need you to teach concepts. Instead you will want to work on refining skills and strategies. On the other hand, a student preparing to take the ACT for the first time probably need to learn concepts and have you demonstrate techniques.


You will need good practice materials for use in the course of your tutoring sessions. There are several good online resources for free material, including, and Links to these sites are in the resources section of this article.