ACT Test Centers and Dates in United States

Yellow pages are a phone sorted by industry and address directory.

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ACT Testing Locations in United States

In more than one hundred countries worldwide, industry books are issued under the term ‘gelbe Seiten’ in the local language. Only in Australia and New Zealand, the term yellow pages from the former State telecommunications companies is protected and is used for the deployment of business directories. In January 2011, the trade mark “yellow pages” in Germany null and void declared the Office of harmonization for the internal market (trade marks and models) of the European Union and deleted. In the United States, many publications use the addition of yellow pages. There, the “yellow pages” were invented more than 130 years ago as the yellow pages.

The yellow pages business directory is launched in Germany by 16 publishers together with DeTeMedien. It includes contact information of companies, self-employed and freelancers. This address, telephone number, fax number, Internet address, and, where appropriate, further information will be given. The arrangement is made by industry. In Germany there are approximately 4 million business listings.

The yellow pages are published as print and on the Internet. In the latter case the RADIUS search, an excerpt of the city plan, links to the website, additional information, corporate videos and other features offered. Since February, 2012 also reviews local businesses are on the site of the yellow pages (in partnership with the review Portal possible. For registration of the user is necessary.

In addition, an app for iPhone, Windows phone, will be offered BlackBerry and Android smartphones. There is also an SMS information service: for this the searched keyword (E.g. “restaurant”) via SMS text messages will be sent. The answer is returned as a message to the mobile phone and contains at least a provider in the vicinity.