ACT Test Centers and Dates in Somalia

By | March 17, 2019

Your search found 1 match. The following is the full list of ACT testing locations in Somalia among which you can pick one to take the exam. Please know that on the test day, test takers can use any 4-function, scientific, or graphing calculator. On the table below, you can also find all test dates through 2019.

ACT Testing Locations in Somalia

2019-2020 ACT Test Dates in Somalia

Test Date Registration Deadline
February 9, 2019 January 11, 2019
April 13, 2019 March 8, 2019
June 8, 2019 May 3, 2019
July 13, 2019 June 14, 2019
September 14, 2019 August 16, 2019
October 26, 2019 September 20, 2019
December 14, 2019 November 8, 2019
February 8, 2020 January 10, 2020
April 4, 2020 February 28, 2020
June 13, 2020 May 8, 2020
July 18, 2020 June 19, 2020

ACT Test Centers in Somalia

City Center Name Center Code
Hargeisa Abaarso School Of Sci And Tech 873770

ACT Test Centers and Dates in Somalia

More about Somalia

Somalia, a state in East Africa that includes the Somali Peninsula and the coastal plain to the south. Large parts of the country consist of bush and dry savannah. Around 90% of the population is Somal, the majority of whom live as nomads or semi-nomads. Their livestock husbandry (goats, sheep, camels, cattle) is the most important branch of agriculture. The industry is hardly developed.

History: The country has been under Islamic-Arab influence since the 9th century. At the end of the 19th century the northern part became British and the southern part Italian. In 1960 both parts received independence and merged to form the Republic of Somalia. Since the late 1980s, the country has been shaken by a civil war between rival tribal groups, which could not be ended even by the presence of UN reaction forces (1992–94 / 95). The situation is exacerbated by drought, floods (especially in 1997), hunger, epidemics and refugee flows.

  • EJINHUA: Latest statistics of population in the country of Somalia, including languages spoken, urban population, birth rate, fertility rate and life expectancy for both men and women.

Country facts

  • Official name: Federal Republic of Somalia
  • License plate: SO
  • ISO-3166: SO, SOM (706)
  • Internet
  • Currency: Somalia Shilling (So. Sh.)
  • Area: 637 660 km²
  • Population (2018): 15 million
  • Capital: Mogadishu
  • Official language (s): Somali
  • Form of government: Republic
  • Administrative division: 18 regions
  • Head of State: President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo (since 8.2.2017)
  • Head of Government: Mohamed Hussein Roble (since September 27, 2020)
  • Religion (s): Muslims (Sunni)
  • Time zone: Central European Time +2 hours
  • National holiday: July 1st

Location and infrastructure

  • Location (geographical): Northeast Africa
  • Position (coordinates): between 1 ° 40 ‘south and 12 ° north latitude and 41 ° and 51 ° 23’ east longitude
  • Climate: Dry and hot desert climate
  • Highest mountain: Shimbiris (2416 m)
  • Road network: 2608 km (paved), 19 492 km (unpaved)


  • Annual population growth (2018): 2%
  • Birth rate (2018): 39.3 per 1000 inh.
  • Death rate (2018): 12.8 per 1000 residents.
  • Average age (2018): 18.2 years
  • Average life expectancy (2018): 53.2 years (women 55.4; men 51)
  • Age structure (2018): 42.9% younger than 15 years, 2.2% older than 65 years
  • Literacy rate (15 year olds and older): n / a
  • Mobile phone contracts (pre-paid and post-paid) (2016): 46 per 100 residents
  • Internet users (2016): 2 per 100 residents


  • GDP per capita: n / a
  • Total GDP (2017): US $ 7.1 billion
  • GNI per capita: n / a
  • Education expenditure: n / a
  • Military expenditure (2016): 0% of GDP
  • Unemployment rate (2017): 6%


The population almost exclusively belongs to the Somal people, who are divided into different tribes and clans. Over half of the population lives partially or completely as nomads; only 41% live in cities. The biggest cities are Mogadishu, Hargeysa, Marka, Berbera and Kismayo. Check ezinesports to see Africa Demographic Structure.

The biggest cities in Somalia

Largest cities (pop. 2014)
Mogadishu 1,650,200
Hargeysa 741 000
Marka 499,000
Berbera 374,000
Kismayo 358,000

Civil war, human rights violations and famine have dramatically worsened people’s situation since the 1980s. During the famine from October 2010 to April 2012 alone, around 260,000 people died. Hundreds of thousands became refugees in their own country, over 1 million fled to neighboring countries, mainly to Kenya, Ethiopia and Yemen. Around 1.5 million Somalis live permanently abroad.

Social: The majority of the population lives below the poverty line without adequate access to food, drinking water and medical care.


With a few exceptions, the entire local population is committed to Sunni Islam (especially the Shafiite school of law ), which currently forms the main (only) pillar of the legal system in the form of Sharia courts. Islam is regarded as the official religion in the “Republic of Somaliland”, which was proclaimed in the northern part of the country in 1991 and whose government includes a minister for religious affairs.

The vanishing minority of Christians still living in Somalia are almost exclusively made up of foreigners; almost all Somali Christians (mostly of the Ethiopian Orthodox denomination) left the country after 1991. The exemte Catholic diocese of Mogadishu (established in 1975, currently vacant) is identical to the only existing parish in it.

National symbols

The national flag was introduced on October 12, 1954, before independence was achieved. The blue color of the flag refers to the flag of the UNO, in the middle is a white five-pointed star as a symbol for African freedom.

The coat of arms was introduced on October 10, 1956. It shows a white, five-pointed star in the gold-rimmed, light blue shield. An Arabic wall crown rests on the shield as a sign of sovereignty. Under the shield lie two flat crossed spears and palm branches, draped with a ribbon. Two leopards serve as shield holders.

National holiday: July 1st commemorates the founding of the state in 1960.