9 Reasons to Do an MBA

By | August 22, 2020

In the globalized world we live in, having a university degree is no longer enough. Businesses, to prosper, require more and more specialized professionals, since these are the ones that today lead large companies. It is in this context that the local search for executives with an MBA ( Master in Business Administration) increases. In this blog we will present 9 reasons why doing an MBA is an excellent idea.

  1. Easier to find employment.

The business and administration areas are the most demanded by companies. Currently no business, no matter how small, is local. Import raw material, deal with foreign suppliers, search for new markets, etc. It requires a global managerial profile that companies recognize is easier to find among graduates of an MBA program and especially if it was carried out abroad.

  1. Practical training

The practical training of the MBA facilitates the development of the student’s skills, such as managerial capacity or team management. The best programs have complex simulations in business strategies that include variables such as financial, production, personnel, market demand, etc. These simulations, in addition to the practices that many of the MBA programs include, make their graduates have real experience in managing multiple scenarios and various industries, so they come prepared and with innovative ideas. This is recognized by headhunters who know that the cost of a new hire’s learning and adaptation time is key to a company’s productivity.

  1. Leadership skills

Through the subjects taught in this master’s degree, students are prepared for decision-making, giving them the necessary experience, with real examples, to lead a company. An MBA program brings together diverse nationalities, personalities and industries that converge in group work, debates, among others. This prepares participants to make decisions in a multicultural context to which few are exposed.

  1. Continual change

The MBA facilitates adaptation to changing economic conditions, which unleashes new paradigms, different management modalities and new business ethics. The personality of a person who does an MBA has certain characteristics of entrepreneurship, uprooting, adventure and desire for improvement that increases the demand for these graduates

  1. Better qualification

Many of the top programs require a minimum of 3 years of work experience to enter, and on average many exceed 6 or 7 years. This means that the average profile brings extensive experience in a particular industry and with an MBA consolidates general management knowledge that complements the student’s profile, giving them the strength required for key positions in an organization.

  1. Better working conditions

Higher qualification in this sector entails good working conditions, a good salary and the possibility of professional advancement. Most graduates of top programs start with a “sign in bonus” or initial bonus and average salaries range between $ 80,000 and $ 130,000 dollars.

  1. Business internationalization

Companies are expanding abroad with the aim of reaching new business opportunities. In this sense, professionals with a global vision of the company are required.

  1. Entrepreneurship

The MBA provides the security and knowledge necessary to undertake, create or manage the different areas of a company. It prepares students to take responsibility for running a company and to deal with difficulties that may arise.

  1. Contacts

By studying an MBA you can find co-workers and established professionals in business. It is a good time to practice networking, a network of contacts that can be very useful in the future. Especially considering the global profile that many of these programs have. Having colleagues from all over the world could help identify global business opportunities and why not a home to go to on a well-deserved vacation.