7 Great Ideas for Summer Table Decorations

By | February 16, 2024

This makes the summer dining table a feast for the eyes

Even in the summer there are many occasions for celebrations and parties with friends. The guests are invited, the drinks are cold, the food is prepared, what’s missing? Summery decorations on the dining room table! In addition to delicious food and refreshing drinks, the decoration on the dining room table also contributes to the success of the evening together. Whether for special celebrations or the everyday dining table – the table design options are diverse. Our decoration shop has a variety of different table decorations available for you. We have prepared some inspiration for your summer-decorated dining table. See thenailmythology for wedding decoration with dried flowers.

Summertime is flower time!

Whether a floral tablecloth, the classic summer bouquet in an elegant vase, or an ivy tendril on the table runner – flowers and plants are classics in table decoration. Individual flowers or rose petals floating in a water-filled bowl also look stylish. Floral decorations are also an indispensable part of the Scandinavian Midsommar festival on the summer solstice. Home-picked wildflowers in a pretty vase always work!

Maritime enjoyment while eating fish

Maritime table decorations spread holiday spirit! Soft blue tones, decorative sand, combined with nautical decorative objects such as anchors and shells and lighthouses are, for example, a suitable decoration idea for a fish dinner with friends. Fish-shaped stands in the middle of the table, together with a few maritime- themed candle glasses and an artfully braided rope, are ideal as a center piece for the dining table. Napkins with maritime sayings and motifs also fit in great.

Table decoration with dried flowers

Dried flowers are exactly the right choice if you value natural table decorations. They appear delicate and playful and can also be combined well with interior design trends such as shabby chic, cottage core, or country house style. In the soft light of glass tea light holders, they also create a mysterious play of shadows in the evening. Arrange a bouquet of dried flowers in glass or ceramic vases, or drape them on a cloth in the center of the table. Typical dried flowers include dried poppy seed capsules, ears of grain such as oats or colorful straw flowers.

Rustic – dreamy: Provence decoration in the French country house style

Decoration in the Provençal style is restrained and natural. Color combinations such as lavender-violet, white, sage green and small yellow accents appear very calm. Table decorations with lavender bouquets, grasses and ears of grain, in combination with green plants, transport you directly to French Provence. You can give the table decoration a rustic touch by placing herb pots and spices in a wooden brick shape in the middle of the table. As a main course, a juicy Provençal chicken with herb potatoes and roasted summer vegetables, accompanied by a good wine – food like God in France!

Vintage decoration

Vintage decoration is a wonderful decoration trend and goes perfectly with summer. The scent of drying grass in the warm summer air, long evenings bathed in the reddish glow of the setting sun, combined with the nostalgic, rustic charm of vintage decor – a fitting mix. Table decorations in vintage style also look good at weddings. Dried flowers in antique wooden pots, small flower arrangements in used kitchen utensils and tea lights in candle jars with patina are great ways to decorate the banquet table or the dining table in vintage style. Wooden bread and brick molds are also a nice decoration here. The diverse wooden boxes also hold sauces, cutlery wrapped in napkins, salt and pepper, or bottles of vinegar and oil.

Colorful cocktail party with a tropical flair

Whether with a creamy Pina Colada, a fruity Mai Tai, or a cool Mojito: At the summer cocktail party, the table will be colorful and tropical! A wooden pineapple or decorated baobab fruits in a bowl are great decorative objects for this occasion. Bottle openers with a palm frond design don’t have to hide in a drawer. You can easily create a jungle atmosphere with tropical artificial flowers in the dining room.

Culinary world tour with finger food

Appearance also plays a role when presenting small dishes. Spanish tapas, American finger food, or oriental mezze can be served excellently in small bowls. Placemats made from natural materials such as woven seagrass or willow protect the table from stains and also have a decorative effect. The bowls also look great on round metal trays. Not only finger food, but also side dishes such as the popular Korean banchan can be presented stylishly in this way. Opulent charcuterie boards, or a selection of different types of cheese with fresh bread and juicy grapes can be served on black slate boards or natural wooden cutting boards.

Boho table decoration

Dreamy, adventurous and beautiful: the gently playful boho decoration is a great idea as a summer decoration for the table! Warm 60s colors with hippy flair, for example in candles and candle holders, as an accent to calm beige tones, appear inviting and warm. Ornamental grasses and dried flowers provide the floral aspect on the table. Oriental decorations such as macrame and oriental trays also fit well into the boho table decoration.

Boho table decoration