4 Job Interview Techniques

By | September 14, 2019

4 Job Interview Techniques

The Three-Step Process is important for understanding that the interview question being asked is often an attempt to discover underlying formation. You can provide that information in an effective way by using the four-step Technique:

1. Present a concrete example.

People relate to and remember stories. Saying you have a skill is not nearly as powerful as describing a situation where you used that skill. The example should include enough details to make sense of the who, what, where, when, and why.

2. Quantify

Whenever possible, use numbers to provide a basis for what you did. For example, give the number of customers served, the percent you exceeded quotas, dollar amounts you were responsible for, or the number of new accounts you generated.

3. Emphasize results.

Providing some data regarding the positive results you obtained is important. For example, you could state that sales increased by 3 percent over the previous year or profits went up 50 percent. Use numbers to quantify your results.

4. Link it up.

Although the connection between your example and doing the job well may seem obvious to you, make sure it is clear to the employer. A simple statement is often enough to accomplish this.

If you do a thorough job of completing the activities, providing proof supporting the skills you discuss in an interview should be fairly easy.

Job Interview Techniques