4 Examples of Motivation Letters

Finding a job today is an arduous task, which requires commitment, willpower and above all the capacity to differentiate itself from the other candidates. Anything you can use to be able to stand out from your competitors is of great importance. To help you capture more interest from employers, we have developed two examples of motivation letters.

As we have already mentioned in the article “Learn to write a letter of motivation,” adding this type of document to an application gives candidates a major advantage in any application process. This is because most candidates devalue this issue.

Take advantage of this reality and “put on the table” an asset: a well-written motivation letter.

Examples of Letters of Motivation

We have prepared two examples of motivation letters, simulating two alleged applications for the same job vacancy. The first example reflects the candidacy of a newly trained professional, while the second was built on the basis of a professional with extensive experience in his or her professional field.

Example 1

Exmo. Mr. Director of Human Resources

Company X

After becoming aware of your job vacancy, I am hereby submitting my application to the open position.

I am a young graduate in Environmental Engineering from the University of Évora (I finished my degree with an average of 15 points) and I am currently available for new professional experiences.

After completing my course, I completed a one-year internship at Company Y, which enabled me to apply my knowledge and to make contact with the professional environment.

I am a committed professional, who strives daily for the goals of my professional entity. I strive daily to successfully accomplish all the goals that have been proposed to me.

I subscribe with the utmost consideration,

João Antunes

Example 2

Exmo. Mr. Director of Human Resources

Company X

After having met with your job offer, and considering that I have the right profile for the position, I decided to present my application.

I am a professional with great experience in Environmental Engineering. I finished my degree in 1995 and in the 15 years I worked in Company Y and Company Z. My duties included the implementation and management of projects of great importance to the strategy of these companies.

In addition to solid knowledge of environmental engineering, I also have a great experience in team coordination and customer contact.

I am currently looking for new challenges in my professional field and I believe I can be a great addition to your well-known team.

I bid you with cordial greetings,

Vítor Pereira

Example 3


Job Title – Company Name:




Subject: Cover Letter

Sr. Director of Human Resources

I have recently been aware of an open position in your company and I hereby demonstrate my great willingness to assume the position available.

I am a young woman graduated in Social Communication from the University of Coimbra, with an average of 18 values ​​and had the opportunity to practice in two of the most recognized newspapers in the country.

I consider myself a professional oriented towards the achievement of the objectives that are proposed to me and I face any task entrusted to me in a serious and rigorous way. During my training course and during the professional internships that I realized I acquired knowledge and skills that I would like to place at the service of a company as reputed as yours.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this letter. I am available to transmit more information about my career and my abilities, either by personal interview or by any other means. You can contact me by phone, by the number 9XXXXXXXX or by the email address contato@xxxxxxx.com.

Grateful for your time,


Example 4


Position held – Company Name:




Subject: Cover Letter

Sr. Director of Human Resources

I chose this channel to convey to you my great pleasure in being able to serve your company.

I am a welder with more than ten years of experience and excellent technical knowledge and I believe that my skills will add value to your ongoing projects.

I have a solid knowledge of drawing techniques, the principles related to the production of technical precision plans and the tools necessary for the performance of the function.

Throughout my professional experience I have developed other competences that I consider to be of great importance for the performance of the job, such as ability to work on pressure and willingness to contribute to an interpersonal relationship in the work environment.

I look for every job that is entrusted to me with all possible motivation and always with the goal of achieving perfection in the missions that are proposed to me, since I know that my work is important for the image and the reputation of the company.

Thank you for the time you have taken to read this letter and put myself at your disposal to conduct an interview, in which I can demonstrate my knowledge and my ambition to be able to integrate the work of your company.

You may contact me at any time by calling 9xxxxxxxx, or if you prefer by email letter @ xxxxx.

Best regards,


Analysis of Examples

In the first example, given that the candidate still does not have much work experience, he presented a letter of motivation focused on his academic career and his professional qualities. This approach will mitigate the lack of experience and highlight the positive aspects of the candidate.

In the second example, the main competitive advantage of the candidate was his great professional experience and for that reason, his letter of motivation gives prominence to his course.

These examples of motivation letters serve above all to help you identify which points you should focus on in your own letter, depending on your experience, academic background and professional qualities.


4 Examples of Motivation Letters 1

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