4 Examples of Letters of Recommendation

By | April 21, 2018

When it is necessary to face the competitive labor market in search of the much desired job, one must use all the “weapons” that are at our disposal. Whoever simply submits the resume is on a par with tens or hundreds of other candidates. Using additional documents such as letters of recommendation is a great way to make a difference.

In this article, we have prepared four examples of letters of recommendation that will make it easier for the contractor to gain attention.

4 Examples of letters of recommendation

The first example is what usually works best: a recommendation from a direct boss. As we’ll see later, not all recommendations have to be written by bosses or superiors, but this type of appreciation is the one that most impacts recruiters.

Example 1

Exmo. Mr.

I am writing to give you an account of my appreciation for Mr. X’s professional qualities. For the past 5 years, I have had the pleasure of supervising Mr. X’s work as a journalist. During this period of time, I observed a selfless, competent and professional professional in any task for which he was entrusted.

The main functions of Mr. X in our company were to conduct the research, confirm the sources and write the final content to publish. All the works published by him denoted quality and an innate talent for writing, something essential for the fulfillment of his functions.

I should also like to emphasize the commitment shown by this professional in the timely execution of the deadlines. Impossible as a deadline seemed, Mr. X was always surprised to deliver us the content within the stipulated deadline.

His ability to gather and confirm information and later to verify the accuracy of it, made us very impressed at an early stage, which made him quickly ascend to the leading journalist position.

As a knowledgeable and talented professional, I am sure that Mr. X would be a great addition to your company.

Example 2

This second example is a letter of recommendation from a co-worker. Although not a strong recommendation, it is a good addition to any application.

Exmo. Mr.

During the last 6 months I worked directly with Mr. X. in the Talentos Inatos company. Having collaborated with Mr. X in several projects, I had the opportunity to note his professionalism and team spirit, two characteristics that were fundamental to the achievement of the objectives that were proposed to us.

From the outset, Mr. X has shown himself to have the ability to take on the role of leader and to propel the whole team in the right direction. Their dynamism and optimism spread to the whole team and helped them to overcome all the goals that were emerging.

I can say that I am delighted to have had the opportunity to cooperate with Mr X during these six months, as this contact has contributed to my professional growth.

I strongly recommend the hiring of Mr. X, mainly due to his great professionalism, good interpersonal relationship and dynamism.


Example 3

Dear Mr. (New Employer Name)

Mr. (employee’s name) worked in our company during the period between (insert the date of beginning of work) until (put the date of exit), in the function of (place the position in which the professional acted). Throughout his stay in our company, Mr. (employee’s name) has always performed his duties efficiently, demonstrating a high professional competence.

Mr. (employee’s name) was always an example of willingness to learn, never restraining himself from acquiring new knowledge, which he later made a point of conveying to his colleagues, also showing an excellent team spirit.

Our company is undergoing a restructuring phase under which it was necessary to extinguish some departments, including the one in which Mr (name of the official) worked. That was the only reason that ended the professional connection between Mr. (name of employee) and our company.

In short, we consider that Mr. (employee’s name) has always been an excellent professional, demonstrating attributes such as honesty, competence and professionalism, so we recommend you hire him.


Example 4

Dear Mr. (New Employer Name)

We declare that the above-identified employee performed functions in our company in the period between (insert the date of work start) until (put the date of exit), in the function of (place the position in which the professional acted).

Throughout the time he was in our company, the employee always acted correctly and professionally, performing his duties as expected.

If there is nothing that would lead us to criticize the professional and moral conduct of the employee, we recommend that you be hired.

4 Examples of Letters of Recommendation


A letter of recommendation can make a difference.

These two examples of letters of recommendation serve as a basis for you to realize what the tone of a letter of this type should be. So, whether you want to ask someone to write a recommendation, or you have to write a document of this type, you already know how to proceed.