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Algeria Road Network

According to wholevehicles, Algeria has a fairly dense road network in the north of the country. There are hardly any roads in the center and south of the country, and almost no paved roads at all. Algeria has one of the largest highway networks in Africa. Motorways Motorways in Algeria A1 – Autoroute Est-Ouest •… Read More »

Portugal Road Network

The motorways of Portugal. According to wholevehicles, Portugal has a relatively extensive network of motorways, covering over 3,000 kilometers. In addition, there is a partially developed secondary road network. National roads (estradas nacionais) often have very low design standards compared to other countries, when this was the primary road network, travel times in Portugal were… Read More »

Poland Road Network

The planned network of motorways in Poland. The first Autobahnen were built in Poland as early as the 1930s as the German Reichsautobahnen. The construction of the highways almost came to a standstill in the communist era. Only some parts of the A2 and A4 were opened at that time. The roads were severely neglected… Read More »

Peru Road Network

As of December 31, 2012, Peru’s network of roads consisted of 140,672 kilometers, of which 18,699 kilometers (13%) were paved, 41,126 kilometers (29%) were gravel or other improved surfacing and 80,848 kilometers (57%) were completely unpaved. The Red Vial Nacional consists of 24,593 kilometers of road, of which 14,748 kilometers (60%) are paved. The Red… Read More »

Paraguay Road Network

According to wholevehicles, Paraguay’s road network is not very extensive, and the length of the road network is estimated at 30,000 to 60,000 kilometers, depending on what is defined as “road”. About 15,000 kilometers of road are paved, especially in the east of the country. Few people live in the west and few roads are… Read More »

Panama Road Network

The Corredor Sur in Panama. According to wholevehicles, Panama had a road network of 16,336 kilometers as of December 31, 2016. Of this, 6,944 kilometers are paved, 4,566 kilometers are a gravel road or with a coating. 4,856 kilometers consists of dirt roads. Panama’s road network is not particularly extensive, with three main axes, the… Read More »

Pakistan Road Network

In 2007 Pakistan had a network of approximately 260,000 kilometers of road, of which approximately 173,000 kilometers were major roads and 86,000 kilometers were secondary roads. According to wholevehicles, Pakistan has a fairly developed road network and a small highway network that is growing rapidly. In 2010, there was only 632 kilometers of highway in… Read More »

Oman Road Network

Expressways and dual carriageways in Oman. According to wholevehicles, Oman’s road network is fairly developed, but not very dense. The highest degree of development is found along the north coast, which is somewhat urbanized. There are approximately 30,000 kilometers of paved road. There is a through highway along the north coast from Muscat to the… Read More »

Norway Road Network

The E16 over the Filefjell. According to wholevehicles, the Norwegian road network can be described as very extensive, but is not well developed due to the mountainous character of large parts of the country. Despite its vastness, the road network is usually in good condition. Because the population is mainly concentrated along the coast and… Read More »

Nigeria Road Network

According to wholevehicles, Nigeria has a network of 195,000 kilometers of road, of which in 2017 60,000 kilometers were paved and 135,000 kilometers unpaved. The main road network is divided into 32,000 kilometers of federal road and 31,000 kilometers of state road. The country has an extensive network of paved roads, significantly more than the… Read More »

Nicaragua Road Network

Internal conflict has meant that a good road network has never really taken off, especially in eastern Nicaragua, along the Mosquito Coast, where there are virtually no roads. The road network is also not closed in other parts of the country, there are more than 3,000 kilometers of paved road. The main road runs from… Read More »

New Zealand Road Network

New Zealand’s motorways & expressways. Traffic in New Zealand drives on the left. According to wholevehicles, New Zealand’s main road network is made up of the State Highway network, which is 10,895 kilometers long, which also includes the motorways and expressways, which together account for almost 300 kilometers of motorway. Of the State Highway network,… Read More »

Netherlands Road Network

Road type Length (2018) Highway 3,047 km Provincial way 6,536 km Water board road 6,957 km Municipal road 119,567 km Total road length 139,691 km According to wholevehicles, the Dutch road network is particularly dense, as a result of the high population density. The road network is numbered from 1 to 999 in one nationwide… Read More »

Namibia Road Network

The B4 between Keetmanshoop and Lüderitz. According to wholevehicles, Namibia had a classified road network of 47,555 kilometers in 2018, of which 7,893 kilometers are paved. The paved road network is quite basic, but adequate given Namibia’s very low population density. All places of any significance are connected by paved roads. The Namibian road network… Read More »

Mozambique Road Network

In 2020, Mozambique had a network of 6,950 kilometers of paved road. In Mozambique you drive on the left, which is remarkable because it has never been a British colony. This is because Mozambique borders former British colonies which all drive on the left. Before 1928 Portugal drove on the left but this change was… Read More »

Morocco Road Network

According to wholevehicles, Morocco’s road network is relatively developed, especially between the major cities in the north and along the west coast. Morocco has a fairly large network of motorways, with a length of 1,767 kilometers in 2021. Motorways run between most major cities in the north, but the country does not yet have cross-border… Read More »

Montenegro Road Network

Montenegro’s main road network, with the A1 in green. According to wholevehicles, Montenegro has a fairly dense network of roads, but traveling is a time-consuming affair due to the country’s mountainous nature. The road network consists of mostly winding two-lane roads that sometimes overcome large differences in height. In Montenegro there is one highway northeast… Read More »

Moldova Road Network

In general, the road network is in a deplorable condition. The main road from Chişinu to the Romanian border at Leuşeni, on the other hand, has been renovated to modern standards. The other main routes are paved, but many regional roads have unpaved sections. There is one road that is sometimes considered a motorway, the… Read More »

Mexico Road Network

According to wholevehicles, Mexico had 390,301 kilometers of road in 2015, of which 156,797 kilometers (40.2%) were paved. This is by far the largest paved road network in Latin America. Mexico has 15,252 kilometers of 2×2 lane road, a significant portion of which are full-fledged highways. The road network is subdivided into types. The largest… Read More »

Malaysia Road Network

The immense highway network of the Klang Valley conurbation. According to wholevehicles, Malaysia has a well-developed road network in Malacca, on Borneo this is clearly less. The country has one of the larger highway networks in Asia, and the most developed after Japan, South Korea and China. The highway network is 1,931 kilometers long. People… Read More »

Malawi Road Network

In 2016, Malawi had a road network of 15,451 kilometers, of which 28 percent was paved (4,312 kilometers). The network of main roads was then 3,357 kilometers long, 2,976 kilometers of which were paved. In 2014, it was determined that 38% of the paved roads were in good condition, 40% in fair condition and 22%… Read More »

Macedonia Road Network

The highway network of North Macedonia. According to wholevehicles, North Macedonia’s public road network covers 14,182 kilometers, including 294 kilometers of motorway, 911 kilometers of national roads, 3,771 kilometers of regional roads and 9,258 kilometers of local roads. The main road network consists of A-roads, the avtopatishta which can also be motorways. North Macedonia is… Read More »

Luxembourg Road Network

According to wholevehicles, Luxembourg has a fairly dense road network, but most of the highways are in the south of the country. There are six highways, the A1 from Luxembourg to Trier in Germany, the A3 from Luxembourg to Metz in France, the A4 from Luxembourg to Esch-sur-Alzette, the A6 from Luxembourg to Arlon in… Read More »

Lithuania Road Network

The motorways and 2×2 expressways in Lithuania. According to wholevehicles, Lithuania has by far the best developed highway network of the Baltic countries. Formally, 400 kilometers of road has the status of a motorway, although the total number of kilometers of highway-like road is more than 500 kilometers. The A1 connects Vilnius and Kaunas with… Read More »

Lesotho Road Network

The main roads (A-roads) of Lesotho. According to wholevehicles, Lesotho has a network established at 9,346 kilometers, of which 1,942 kilometers are paved (21%). The road network managed by the Roads Directorate covers 6,005 kilometers, of which 1,756 kilometers are paved, 3,051 kilometers are gravel, 1,084 kilometers are dirt roads and 113 kilometers are just… Read More »

Latvia Road Network

As of January 1, 2019, Latvia had a network of 70,936 kilometers of road, of which 55,049 kilometers are unpaved and only 15,388 kilometers are paved. The proportion of unpaved roads in Latvia is much higher than in the other Baltic states. The state highway network consists of 20,066 kilometers of road, of which 9,254… Read More »

Kyrgyzstan Road Network

The EM-04 through the mountains of the Kyrgyz Ala-Too Range south of Bishkek. According to wholevehicles, Kyrgyzstan has a limited road network that is also moderately to poorly developed. The country has formidable obstacles in the road network due to the many mountain ranges of the Pamir and Tian Shan, as well as impractical borders… Read More »

Kosovo Road Network

According to wholevehicles, Kosovo’s road network is underdeveloped, and there are no major international routes through the country. The main roads run from Priština to Skopje and Kukës in Albania. Little by little, new roads are being built, especially around Priština. A priority of the Kosovar government was a highway to Albania, which was built… Read More »

Kenya Road Network

According to wholevehicles, Kenya has the most developed road network in East Africa, with a paved road network of approximately 12,200 kilometers in 2021. The national road network is divided into three classes, the S roads, these are motorways, the A roads, these are the main highways. In 2021, 6,830 kilometers of this was covered,… Read More »