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Spain Religion, Geography, Politics and Population

Religion in Spain The state religion of Spain is Roman Catholic. About 99% of Spaniards are Catholics. 1% are Protestants, Muslims and Jews. Transport in Spain There is a subway in the capital of the country. It works from 6:30 to 1:30. Bus service is well developed. Bus stops are marked with yellow-green signs with… Read More »

Sweden Religion, Geography, Politics and Population

Religion in Sweden Most of the believing population are Lutherans. There are Catholics, Orthodox, Muslims and Jews. Transport in Sweden The best way to get to Sweden is by plane, the flight will take about 2 hours. The capital of Sweden is served by two airports: Arlanda, which receives international and domestic flights, and Bromma,… Read More »

Ukraine Religion, Geography, Politics and Population

Religion in Ukraine Most of the population of Ukraine professes Orthodox Christianity, while 37% of believers belong to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, 12% to the Kyiv Patriarchate, 4% to the Ukrainian Autocephalous Church, 12% to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, 3% to the Roman Catholic Church. Protestants are 27% of believers. Other religions account for… Read More »

How to Write a Personal Statement

Personal Statement – Statement of Purpose A few tips for writing strong personal statement Use your own style An employee in the admissions office reads dozens of personal statements every day. Your style must strike a different note than those of the other applications. As a foreigner, you have a different personality for the reader… Read More »