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Italy Travel Facts

Italy is located on the Mediterranean Sea and is a popular holiday destination for many Germans. The country borders directly on Switzerland, Austria, San Marino, France, Slovenia and the Vatican. The latter is a city-state within Rome. Italy offers beautiful, varied, Mediterranean landscapes, has beautiful islands and impressive cities that are worth a visit at… Read More »

Israel Travel Facts

Israel is located in the Middle East and borders Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. In contrast to the neighboring countries, Israel is considered a very safe travel destination. A diverse cuisine, exciting culture, varied landscapes and friendly people usually surprise first-time travelers in a very positive way. Israel is a very exciting and worthwhile travel… Read More »

Ireland Travel Facts

Ireland is commonly known as the ‘Emerald Isle’, and with good reason. The neighboring country of Great Britain is scenically beautiful. If you like nature, you will love Ireland. There are also the many small monasteries, palaces and castles, the unique atmosphere and exciting cities and places like Dublin in the west or Dingle in… Read More »

History of Uzbekistan

According to historyaah, Uzbekistan is one of the cradles of world civilization. Being for many centuries the most important link of the Great Silk Road, it was a place of contact between cultures and spiritual values of the East and West, their active trade, economic and humanitarian contacts. In the 1st millennium BC. on the… Read More »

History of United States

According to historyaah, the first Americans – immigrants from northeast Asia appeared approx. 10-15 thousand years ago, having got to Alaska through the Bering Strait. Later, the southern and western parts of the continent began to be developed by immigrants from Polynesia. The first Europeans in the New World were the Spaniards. In October 1492,… Read More »

History of Great Britain

According to historyaah, the UK is a country with a rich history. In the 1st millennium BC. The territory of modern Great Britain was inhabited by the Celts. All R. 1 in. AD The British Isles experienced the invasion of the Romans, and after their departure in the 5th-6th centuries. were conquered by the Anglo-Saxons.… Read More »

History of Ukraine

Modern Ukraine as an independent state appeared on the political map of Europe in the year of 1991. According to historyaah, the formation of the state territory was a long and complex historical process. The most ancient state formation on the lands of present-day Ukraine was the Scythian state (7-3 centuries BC). The first state… Read More »

History of Turkey

According to historyaah, the territory of Asia Minor (Anatolia), on which in the 14th century. the Turkish state was formed, previously it was part (in whole or in large part) of various state formations of antiquity and the Middle Ages: the Hittite kingdom, Lydia, Media, the Achaemenid state, the power of Alexander the Great, the… Read More »

History of Thailand

According to historyaah, excavations near the village of Ban Chiang testify to the existence of a Bronze Age culture here 5600 years ago, which is 600 years older than the ancient civilization in the Tigris and Euphrates Valley. The first states on the territory of Thailand were created by the Mons in the 1st-2nd centuries.… Read More »

History of Switzerland

On the territory of modern Switzerland in the 2nd century. BC, according to historyaah, the Celtic tribe of the Helvetians lived (after their name the country in ancient times was called Helvetia). Then these lands were conquered by the troops of Julius Caesar (58 BC) and were included in the Roman Empire. In the 3rd-5th centuries… Read More »

History of Sweden

According to historyaah, the first man appeared on the territory of Sweden about 12 thousand years ago. However, only from the 9th c. the Scandinavians were talked about in Europe, where the Vikings began to penetrate by sea, engaging in robbery and trade. The Swedish Vikings managed to reach the Black and Caspian Seas along… Read More »

History of Slovakia

According to historyaah, Savs settled the territory of Slovakia in the middle. 1st millennium AD In the 7th century the territory of Slovakia was part of the state of Samo – the first Slavic state formed by the union of the Czech-Moravian tribes; at 9 – beg. 10th century – as part of the Great… Read More »

History of Serbia

According to historyaah, Serbian tribes appeared in the Balkans as early as the 6th-7th centuries, settling on the territory of the former possessions of Ancient Rome. In the 9th century they adopted Christianity in its Orthodox form. Being between the powerful regional powers of that time – Venice, Byzantium, Hungary and Bulgaria, the Serbs were… Read More »

History of Russia

According to historyaah, the most ancient traces of the habitation of primitive man on the territory of modern Russia date back to ca. 700 thousand years ago. In the Neolithic era (5-6 thousand years ago), agriculture and cattle breeding became widespread in the south. The beginning of the production of metal, bronze tools dates back… Read More »

History of Romania

In the 18th-8th centuries. BC. the territory of Romania was part of the habitat of the Thracian tribes – the Getae, who settled mainly along the lower Danube, and the Dacians (Transylvania, Eastern Wallachia). The first military-political associations of the Geto-Dacian tribes arose in the beginning of the 1st century. BC. led by Tsar Burebista;… Read More »

History of Poland

According to historyaah, the Polish state arose in the 2nd half. 10th c. The first ruler was Prince Mieszko I (r. 960-92). Under him, in 966, Poland adopted Christianity according to the Latin (Catholic) model. Under his son Boleslav I the Brave (992-1025), the unification of Polish lands was completed, and from 1025 Poland became… Read More »

History of Pakistan

As a result of the liberation movement of the peoples of India, the Muslim population of the former colony under the leadership of M.A. Jinnah achieved the creation in August 1947 of the independent state of Pakistan. Until 1971, Pakistan consisted of two parts – western and eastern, the distance between which in a straight… Read More »

History of Oman

Already in 4-3 thousand BC. the coastal regions of Oman were settled, through which Mesopotamia and Hindustan traded with Egypt and Ethiopia. All R. 6th c. BC. Oman was captured by the Persians and became a province of Cyrus the Great. According to historyaah, first 3 centuries AD were marked by mass movements of tribes… Read More »

History of Nepal

In the Stone Age, according to historyaah, the mountain valleys of Nepal were inhabited mainly by Tibeto-Burman tribes. The first state formations were headed by the semi-mythical Gopal and Kirat dynasties. Terai in the 1st millennium BC were inhabited by Indo-Aryans, closely associated with North India. It was here, in Lumbini, that the founder of… Read More »

Economy of Mozambique

After the country gained independence, the economy fell into complete decline and to the middle. According to historyaah, 1990s was in a state of stagnation. Now the process of economic recovery is underway, but it has not yet reached the level of 1974, although the growth rate is very high (in 1993-2001, an average of… Read More »

History of Morocco

According to historyaah, the territory of modern Morocco has been inhabited since ancient times. The primitive inhabitants of the country are the tribes of the Libyans, the ancient Berbers. In the 12th century BC. the Phoenicians tried to conquer the country, later – the Carthaginians, from the 2nd century. BC. Romans, 5th c. AD –… Read More »

History of Montenegro

According to historyaah, Serbian tribes appeared in the Balkans as early as the 6th-7th centuries, settling on the territory of the former possessions of Ancient Rome. In the 9th century they adopted Christianity in its Orthodox form. Being between the powerful regional powers of that time – Venice, Byzantium, Hungary and Bulgaria, the Serbs were… Read More »

History of Lithuania

Separate feudal principalities existed on the territory of Lithuania as early as the 9th century. According to historyaah, the first written mention of the Lithuanians dates back to 1009. The Lithuanian lands were united into a single state by Prince Mindaugas ca. 1236. It was an early feudal monarchy. From the very beginning, the state… Read More »

History of Lebanon

According to historyaah, Lebanon has an eventful history dating back to biblical times. The newest period of the country’s history is also full of events. During World War I (1914–18), in 1916, the Sykes-Picot agreement was signed on the division of the interests of Great Britain and France in the Arab territories of the Ottoman… Read More »

History of Latvia

According to historyaah, the first feudal principalities (Koknese, Jersika, Talava) on the territory of modern Latvia arose in the 10th-13th centuries. From Ser. 12th c. German merchants, soldiers and Catholic missionaries began to arrive there, and in 1201 Riga was founded as the capital of the archbishop. In 1205-14 the lands were captured by the… Read More »

History of Laos

According to historyaah, the first Lao state of Lan Sang Hom Khao (Lan Sang) was established in 1353 AD. Fa Ngum, who became its first king. In the beginning. 18th century it broke up into three independent kingdoms – Luang Prabang, Vientiane and Champasak, constantly at war with strong neighbors – Siam, Burma, China and… Read More »

History of Kyrgyzstan

According to historyaah, the Kirghiz ethnos was known in Central Asia as early as the 1st millennium BC. By the 2nd-5th centuries AD nomads who lived in the north of present-day Kyrgyzstan formed powerful tribal unions, southern regions with a settled population in the 2nd century BC. BC—4th c. AD were part of the Parkan… Read More »

History of Kazakhstan

According to historyaah, the historical path of development of the Kazakh people and the formation of the modern Kazakh state is long, ambiguous, complex and multilayered. The first evidence of human life on the territory of Kazakhstan, confirmed by the finds of archaic stone tools, was discovered by archaeologists in the Karatau mountains and South… Read More »

History of Jordan

Until 1918, according to historyaah, the territory of modern Jordan was part of the Ottoman Empire. After the 1st World War and the collapse of the empire in 1921, the League of Nations transferred the mandate to govern Jordan to Great Britain. The British mandated territories were divided into two parts – the West Bank… Read More »

History of Japan

According to historyaah, the Japanese islands have been inhabited for at least 30,000 years. On the basis of archaeological excavations, the prehistoric phase of the country’s development is usually divided into four periods: the Paleolithic pre-ceramic (up to about 10,000 BC); the Jōmon period, characterized by the advent of pottery (about 10,000 BC – about… Read More »