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Russia Architecture

Recent history has profoundly marked the architecture of the country; Moscow, its largest metropolis, was the first to be drastically transformed. The aim of bringing the nation, in general, and its main cities to the levels reached by the major world powers, has found in architecture one of the most effective tools for cultural and… Read More »

Russia Defense and Security

One of the main security threats in Russia is linked to terrorism, in turn triggered and exacerbated by the Chechen conflict, in the North Caucasus, for which security was most recently feared at the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014. Russia it also has an unresolved territorial dispute with Japan over the sovereignty of the southern… Read More »

List of Ministries in Italy Since 1848

In the following list, the individual ministries are mentioned in the order of precedence. (March 16-July 27 1848). – President: Balbo Cesare; interiors: Vincenzo Ricci; foreign: Pareto Lorenzo; grace and justice: Sclopis di Salerano Federico Paolo; finances: Di Revel Ottavio; war: Franzini Antonio; public education: Bon-Compagni Carlo; public works: Des Ambrois Luigi. (July 27-August 15… Read More »

Italy Modern Architecture

After the academicism and eclecticism of the nineteenth century and the brief fashion, which was limited to a limited extent, of Liberty, the first efforts for a renewal of architectural taste in Italy coincided with the controversy of futurism. Sant’Elia’s manifesto for futurist architecture affirms the need to eliminate ornamental superstructures, to reduce the importance… Read More »