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Thailand Location and Climate

Thailand borders Laos to the northeast and east, Cambodia to the southeast, the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia to the south, the Andaman Sea to the southwest, Myanmar to the west and north. The core area of ​​Thailand is the basin of the Chao Phraya , in particular the alluvial plain surrounded by terraced and… Read More »

What is Site Reliability Engineering?

According to HOMETHODOLOGY, Site Reliability Engineering or SRE for short is one of service management models developed by Google. The development and operation of large distributed systems are closely linked. The regulatory processes represent a concretization of the DevOps philosophy. Site Reliability Engineers build a bridge between development and operations by applying a software engineering… Read More »

What are AOT compiler and W3C?

What is an AOT compiler? The Ahead-of-Time compiler, or AOT for short, does the job of complete compilation before the code reaches the functional level responsible for execution. The functional principle of the AOT.Compiler is thus in direct competition with the JIT compiler. Compiling – a form of implementation When compiling (assembling, collating) is a… Read More »

Cities and Places in Guyana

Cities and places in Guyana Kaieteur National Park In the heart of Guyana, in the Potaro-Siparuni region, lies the Kaieteur National Park. It is the only national park in the country and was established in 1929. In the nature reserve, which is characterized by an extremely high biodiversity, are the famous and more than impressive… Read More »

Thailand Arts and Music

CULTURE: TRADITIONS In Thailand, despite the openness to all forms of progress, there is a deep attachment to traditions, which unites all social strata. The cycle of life, from birth to death, is linked to numerous beliefs and superstitions, such as the fear of evil spirits (phi), death understood as a positive and happy event,… Read More »

What is the DalvikVM?

According to THEINTERNETFAQS, the DalvikVM is a virtual machine developed by Google for Android. Your task as a Java Virtual Machine is to translate a Java-based app from bytecode into machine-readable code in real time. DalvikVM: Overview and general information about the virtual machine The Google employee Dan Bornstein, who named the virtual machine after… Read More »

What does “stateless” mean?

According to GROWTHEOLOGY, statelessness is the property of protocols and applications to treat each interaction as a separate, self-contained process. In contrast, stateful systems need to store session data. Web applications, cloud systems and other client-server architectures can either be stateful or stateless. Choosing the right method is crucial because both concepts have their advantages and disadvantages. What is… Read More »

Saudi Arabia Economy

ECONOMY Economically, Saudi Arabia relies almost entirely on oil. Thanks to it, the country has recently been able to initiate a process of transformation that has been delayed only by the conservatism of the Wahhabi dynasty. The accession to the throne of King Fayṣal, however, marked a turning point in a progressive sense, leading to… Read More »

Thailand Geography

TERRITORY: MORPHOLOGY Thailand occupies the relatively low central section of the Indochinese peninsula, extending from N to S for approx. 1700 km, with a maximum width of approx. 800 km. The territory largely corresponds to a large depression area, invaded in the Cenozoic era by the waters of the Gulf of Siam and subsequently filled… Read More »

What is the Linux Foundation?

The Linux Foundation, or LF for short, is a non-profit technology consortium with more than 1,000 members. The objective is to finance open source developments in IT. The foundation operates in coordination with Linux mastermind Linus Torwalds. Linux Foundation – “home address” for open source projects According to ESHAOXING, the Linux Foundation is considered the… Read More »

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a platform for developing standalone JavaScript programs that run independently of host applications such as web browsers. It can be used to program server-side scripts, network tools and web apps, among other things. Story and motivation Originally, JavaScript was only designed as an integrated scripting language for web browsers and other applications. Under the catchphrase “JavaScript everywhere”, Node .js wants… Read More »

Thailand Literature

The earliest testimony in the Thai language is constituted by the inscription of Rāma K’amhneg of 1292. A series of later inscriptions are attributed to King Lü Thai, but it is only with the reign of Ramath’ibodi I (1350-69) that the Thai literature begins to outline a systematic history, although a good part of the… Read More »

What is GraalVM?

GraalVM is an alternative to the JVM developed by Oracle, i.e. Java Virtual Machine. GraalVM should contribute with its functionality to the more powerful compilation of Java applications. As a polyglot VM, GraalVM can also integrate external libraries. The designation GraalVM is an abbreviation for “General Recursive Applicative and Algorithmic Language Virtual Machine”. The GraalVM… Read More »

What is release management?

Whether function update, security patch or major release: Every new version of a software is associated with a risk. This has been an issue in product management for decades, and release management is also one of the essential integration processes in a proper infrastructure in IT. Software development is a complex process and with every new project… Read More »

Cities in China

Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China. The city is about the size of Schleswig-Holstein. Around 17.6 million people live in the administrative area of ​​Beijing. The area is not a coherent urban area and is comparable to a province. Around 7.7 million people live in the core city with its high… Read More »

Thailand Economy

Business Thailand is leading a second generation of so-called tiger countries which, with low wage and ancillary wage costs and a talent for innovation, significantly increase the competitive pressure on the world market. Supported by the appreciation of the Japanese yen and the increasing relocation of labor-intensive production from East to Southeast Asia, an unprecedented… Read More »

What is a software release?

According to ELECTRONICSMATTER, the software release is perhaps the decisive step in the development stages of a software, because the development is initially ended with the market release. Due to the digital distribution, however, there are new release models and development stages. In German usage, every software version that is published for the end customer is… Read More »

What is the OWASP?

According to PSYKNOWHOW, the acronym OWASP is an abbreviation for the “Open Web Application Security Project”. Behind it is an organization of experts who, as a non-profit organization, have committed themselves to the security of web services and applications. The OWASP has no commercial intentions and is open to all people who are interested in… Read More »

Finland Geography

TERRITORY: MORPHOLOGY Geologically, the Finnish territory constitutes a section of the Baltic shield, the archaeozoic base that forms the substratum of the entire Scandinavian peninsula. Affected by the Caledonian orogeny during the Paleozoic – an era in which there were also volcanic manifestations – and subsequently peneplanated by erosion, the reliefs did not undergo further… Read More »

What is a JIT compiler?

A JIT compiler translates a program or program parts at startup or during runtime as required. The program is compiled just-is-time in machine language. The program itself is in a language other than the machine language. According to PHOTIONARY, the abbreviation JIT stands for “Just in Time”. It is about the translation of a program… Read More »

What is a JVM?

According to DELUXESURVEILLANCE, the Java Virtual Machine, or JVM for short, is the central component of the JRE, i.e. the Java Runtime Environment. It enables the platform-independent execution of programs in Java bytecode. With high-level programming languages ​​such as C and C ++, the compilers usually generate a directly executable program file . Such “native executables” consist of the commands of the machine… Read More »

Finland Industry and Service

ECONOMY: MINERAL RESOURCES AND INDUSTRY There are various subsoil resources and some minerals are relatively abundant; first the iron and copper pyrites, then sulfur, lead, nickel, gold, silver, titanium, vanadium, cobalt, mercury, asbestos. Finland is one of the first European producers of chromite and zinc. However, the lack of energy sources is serious due to… Read More »

What is the CNCF?

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation, CNCF for short, is a very current project of the Linux Foundation. The aim is to promote cloud native computing. Hundreds of cloud-affine organizations belong to the non-profit foundation, which was established in 2015. According to PHONEJUST, Cloud Native Computing Foundation is a successful subsidiary of the San Francisco-based Linux… Read More »

What’s Snappy?

According to BITTRANSLATORS, Snappy is a package management and software deployment system for Linux. It simplifies the creation, delivery and updating of Linux packages through so-called snaps, cross-distribution, dependency-free and isolated software containers. Structure and functionality of snap packages Snap packages are compressed file system images in SquashFS format. In addition to the actual software, they contain… Read More »

World Heritage Sites in Croatia

On the basis of the 1990 Constitution, amended in 1992, 1997 and 2000, the president of the republic is endowed with broad powers and is elected by direct suffrage for 5 years, while the single-chamber Parliament after an amendment to the Constitution in 2001 which abolished the Chamber of the counties, it is formed by… Read More »

What is the Apache Software Foundation?

As a non-profit organization, the Apache Software Foundation takes care of making free software publicly available under the Apache License. In particular, she deals with issues relating to intellectual property rights. According to PHONECATIONS, the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) works as a non-profit software organization on a voluntary basis. The aim is to promote Apache… Read More »

What does software-defined everything mean?

According to BIOTIONARY, software-defined everything describes the current trend in IT to hand over the tasks of the control layer of various hardware to more flexible software. This primarily affects areas such as networking, storage and data center infrastructures. IT environments have changed a lot in the past few years. One of the reasons that technology has… Read More »

What is the GNU Project?

The GNU Project sees itself as a development initiative for free software and an open operating system. In this context, free is not to be equated with free of charge. The project was started in 1983 by Richard Stallman at MIT. According to PERCOMPUTER, GNU stands as a recursive acronym for “GNU is not Unix”,… Read More »

What is UX design?

According to BESTITUDE, UX design is an abbreviation for User Experience Design. The user experience is a central factor in almost all digital offers, from the website to the mobile app. The UX design also plays an essential role in search engine optimization. The UX design is a special segment of the web, app and software designs. Its task is… Read More »