13 Great Ideas with Spring Flowers

By | February 7, 2024

Spring decorations ring in spring! When the first rays of sun tickle the world awake from hibernation, the birds begin to sing and the crocuses, daffodils and tulips poke their heads out of the ground, then it’s that time again – spring is finally here! The dreariness of winter is over, the eternal gray on gray gives way to the blue sky and the splendor of spring flowers. Time for colorful spring decorations to drive winter out of the house. Flowers, table decorations and outdoor decorations: In this blog article you can find decoration ideas and suggestions for spring decorations for indoors and outdoors that will put you in a good mood!

Indispensable for spring decoration: spring flowers

Spring is the time of renewal, birth and rebirth – nature comes back to life. That’s why spring flowers and floral accents are rightly so popular when decorating in spring. Flowers bring freshness and color into the home. Early bloomers such as horned violets, grape hyacinths, tulips, primroses and daffodils transform beds and planters into a colorful sea of ​​color in spring; the time for grey-brown monotony is over. Whether with dried flowers , artificial flowers or fresh flowers, there is no getting around flowers in spring! See listofledlights for 12 great decoration ideas for the vintage look.

Table decoration: bouquet of flowers for spring

Floral accents should not be missing on the dining table and side tables in spring. Choose a vase in a fresh, friendly and light color, or go for soft white or elegant crystal glass. When it comes to fresh flowers, colorful tulips are particularly in season in spring, but bouquets in soft spring colors such as creamy white, yellow, pink and violet also make a great table decoration when combined. Ranunculus (picture) and daffodils are typical spring flowers. As an alternative to fresh flowers, artificial flowers and dried flowers are also nice decoration ideas for spring; long-lasting flowers are particularly suitable for hallways.

Spring flowers as table decorations

Many flower bulbs sprout every year, including the hyacinth! The pretty flower comes in many different colors: calm creamy white, delicate yellow, girly pink, reserved lilac nuances and also in intense tones such as magenta, blue and light blue and mysterious violet. You can showcase the hyacinth in the right planters on the dining table. The pots can also find a place in flat baskets, or a nostalgic brick shape, perfect together with some decorative moss.

Spring flowers in the garden

Many spring flowers only really feel at home in the garden; indoors are often a bit too warm and dry for them. In addition to planting the beds, it is also a nice spring decoration idea to bring early bloomers such as primroses, pansies and daffodils into the garden in a planter. The colorful creatures do very well in pots or planted baskets. If you line an old fruit box with some newspaper or foil, it can also act as a planter for your colorful favorites when filled with potting soil. Remember to water the flowers regularly, especially in the first few days, otherwise they will wither.

Branches in the vase as a spring table decoration

Flowering branches in the vase are also a great decoration idea for spring. Branches of forsythia, fruit trees such as cherry, plum or apple, or the cute pussy willows begin to bloom after some time in the vase. The branches of the corkscrew hazel also impress with their yellow flowers. Either leave the branches au naturel, or use pendants for decoration . At Easter time, for example, painted eggs are suitable for this, otherwise bows or heart pendants are a nice idea. If you suffer from a severe pollen allergy, you can use artificial flower branches or rely on the flowerless corkscrew hazel.

Delicate flowers in a test tube

Particularly delicate spring flowers like horned violets actually look great in chemistry equipment like test tubes and Erlenmeyer flasks. Solitary daffodils, daffodils or tulips also look great in this unusual type of vase! The containers can also be attached as wall decoration.

Spring decoration with artificial flowers

If you like things to last or suffer from a pollen allergy, using artificial flowers as spring decoration is the right choice. Small snowdrops and magnolia branches look deceptively similar to the original. Artificial flowers are also ideal in dark places such as hallways without windows or for homemade Easter decorations such as door wreaths. Artificial cherry blossom branches are suitable for the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival, which is celebrated in spring. If you like the Japanese aesthetic or the Japandi style , then definitely try the branches as a spring decoration!

Homemade spring decoration: Natural decorative ensemble for the table

This spring decoration can be varied with small changes. In a wooden bowl or shallow basket, drape moss, an early bloomer such as a primrose, hyacinth or daffodil with twigs of pussy willow. A cute nest can be quickly formed from sticks (for example birch), coconut fibers or hay and some wire into which quail eggs can be laid. Experiment with different materials and flowers. The ensemble becomes an impressive statement piece, for example with a large goose or ostrich egg in a cute nest – whatever you like is allowed!

Vintage spring decoration for the entrance to the house

Vintage decoration ideas in spring bring a floral retro flair to your home entrance! With a few attractive baskets and artificial flowers, the entrance area can easily be transformed into a floral dream. Attach the artificial flowers to the baskets using plug-in material or wire. Nostalgic accessories like the cute vintage bicycle bring the charm of bygone times to your front door. The artificial flowers can also be easily attached to the house facade using floral wire on trellises.

Make spring decorations: birds, bunnies and much more

You can make great spring decorations with cardboard, scissors and some glue! Homemade spring decorations are always special and fill every rainy weekend day with the kids! You can find nice instructions for crafting on Bastelstunde.de , for example . The open source painting program Krita also offers help in creating your own templates , which, unlike Photoshop and the like, is completely free.

Spring decoration outside: door wreath for spring

Whether already decorated or decorated yourself: wreaths are a great spring decoration for the front door. If you would like to embellish a wreath yourself, pre-woven wreaths made from various materials such as willow, vine or tree bark, for example from Vosteen , are ideal . Armed with dried flowers or artificial flowers and a few decorative ribbons, you can create the perfect spring wreath with a hot glue gun. In addition to the front door, you can of course also hang the wreath on the wall in the house or use it as a table decoration for spring.

Spring decoration for the garden: birdhouse and nesting box

Decorations for spring can help give nature a little boost. With nesting boxes, bird houses and bird baths you are not only doing yourself a favor, small cavity-nesting songbirds such as chickadees and the like also enjoy the cute houses that offer their offspring a safe shelter. Bird baths and bird baths help birdbirds find a source of water on dry spring days. Remember to empty the nesting boxes in winter and dispose of the old nest to prevent diseases among the birds. The birds find new nesting material, for example in the form of moss.

Easter decorations for spring

Of course, Easter also takes place in spring. Typical Easter elements are of course Easter eggs and Easter bunnies. A homemade Easter decoration is a plant basket with eggs, which can either be used for the entrance to the house or as a centerpiece for the Easter table decoration. You need a plant basket, potting soil, an early bloomer (e.g. hyacinth or daffodils), moss, kebab skewers (bamboo) and decorative eggs. Fill the plant basket with the spring flowers and potting soil and cover the soil with moss. Skewer the decorative eggs onto the shish kebab skewers and insert the skewers into the ground. In our blog articles “13 ideas for great Easter decorations” and “Easter decorations for outside – 12 great Easter decoration ideas” for the entrance to the house” you will find even more ideas for decorating for Easter.

birdhouse and nesting box