10 Great Ideas for White Decoration at Home

By | February 15, 2024

Bright, brighter, white – white decoration at home

White decoration – white as innocence: A quite radical interior design trend in summer is definitely “everything white”. In this trend, entire rooms are designed in white, a brave but also complex step to banish any color from the living rooms and design everything from floor to ceiling in white. Painting walls in bright white or replacing the dark floor with a bright white one is a bigger task at first, but then you can start setting up furniture and decorations in your favorite tone, white. In this blog article we give suggestions for your dream in white. See thedresswizard for decorate the winter garden in 3 great styles.

1. Diverse white – white shabby decoration and more

Even with a pure white design, you can incorporate other living styles. For example, shabby chic or country house decoration are ideal for designing the white apartment. White shabby decoration looks very girly and dreamy. Perfectly harmonizes with the shabby style: Vintage decoration also contains a lot of white furniture and white vintage decoration that can beautify your white rooms.

2. …like sea foam – white maritime decoration

Since the usual color palette in nautical decoration includes the colors white, blue and red. You will also find what you are looking for in the world of maritime decoration when looking for home accessories in the brightest of all colors. Lighthouses, fish, etc. remind us of our last beach vacation and make us dream of the sea.

3. Mix different shades of white

There is not just “one” shade of white. In addition to very light white tones, it is also a good idea to work with tones such as old white or creamy white. This also gives the room more structure and depth than just using one color.

4. Pleasant lighting

At least make sure that the lighting is warm and comfortable, otherwise it will look uncomfortable. When evening comes and the lights come on, it will be more comfortable if you choose a bulb with a warm light color. Vintage bulbs, for example, offer a beautiful, golden glow.

5. Candles in white

Candles also create a cozy, warm light in no time. In white candlesticks or lanterns they create a cozy lighting atmosphere. Luckily, finding white wax candles is particularly easy. LED candles are an option for people with young children or pets.

6. Naturally white in the vase – white flowers

Nature offers some white blooms when it comes to cut flowers, from the majestic rose, fragrant jasmine, white cosmea, elegant lilies and more. You can also find gerberas, hydrangeas, astilbes and callas in numerous shades of white in your garden supply store. Bouquets and solo flowers find a home in an elegant white vase and decorate your living space.

7. White houseplants?

In the world of houseplants there are fewer flowers and pure white leaves are rare because the plants need green chlorophyll to survive. Houseplants with variegated leaves are an option here. A plant with the nickname Variegata usually has variegation or mottling; in a white planter, these plants blend in well with the white apartment.

8. Durable, floral decoration in white – white dried flowers and white artificial flowers

Artificial flowers and dried flowers such as white Lagarus are also available as an alternative. Whether in a vase or on the wall as a wreath, artificial flowers and dried flowers look great. For a dreamy impression, artificial flowers can also be wrapped around bedposts or stair railings.

9. DIY is your friend – make your own white decorations

Since not all decorative items are available in white, it is sometimes a good idea to simply paint them yourself or make them yourself. A lot of whitening can be done using acrylic paints or chalk paints. You can easily make shabby chic decorations yourself with chalk paints! Self-knotted macrame with white yarn, self-sewn patchwork blankets with white-heavy patterns are great DIY projects. If you like your old, non-white couch but insist on white, just use white throws, plaids and blankets.

10. Relaxed white: white boho decoration

The casual boho style is still in trend. The modern boho living style skilfully and relaxed combines the aesthetics of the hippy movement with bright and soft colors. In contrast to the classic boho style, modern boho relies on subtle shades of beige and white instead of colorful hippie colors. White boho decoration such as macrame decoration for hanging, or as a stylish boho pillow proves that white decoration can be really casual and cozy. Tip: Bright ornamental grasses such as lagarus and pampas grass are a must-have in modern boho decoration!

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