10 Fattest Countries in the World

By | March 23, 2023

Obesity is a major problem worldwide. In the following 10 countries, most people are overweight (the percentages indicate the percentage of the population that is overweight). Check estatelearning for list of most corrupt countries in the world.

10. England – 61%


Lots of food and drink, but also one of the countries with the least amount of sport.

9. Croatia – 61.4%

Heart failure is the number 1 cause of death in this country. The big problem is that the bad imported food from abroad is much cheaper than the food produced in-house.

8. Israel – 61.9%

The obesity rate in Israel has tripled in 30 years. Israel really belongs to the west and also adopts the bad eating habits.

7. New Zealand – 62.7%

In New Zealand, it is mainly the children who are very overweight. Partly because of the bad food, but also because too much TV is watched and little exercise.

6. Bosnia – 62.9%

Obesity used to be a problem in high-income countries, but bad food is now cheap and it is also becoming a problem in middle-income countries.

5. Egypt – 66%

Until 1960 Egypt was self-sufficient and there was enough healthy food. Things went wrong after 1980, the population had become too large and bad food was being imported.

4. Germany – 66.5%

The fattest country in Europe, health experts blame beer, fatty sausages, fast food and little exercise. The government has launched a campaign to quickly reduce obesity by giving more fruit and vegetables to the children in schools.

3. America – 66.7%


In 1960 ‘only’ 24% of Americans were overweight, today that is more than two-thirds of the population.

2. Kiribati – 81.5%

Kribati is an archipelago in the Pacific around the equator. Between 1964 and 2001 there was a UN program to help underdeveloped countries with food. As a result, a large amount of bad food (Spam, among others) ended up on these islands, which were sold cheaper than the local food.

1. American Samoa – 93.5%

Traditionally on this island they ate food with little fat and a lot of complex carbohydrates (bananas, yams, coconut and fish). Since World War II, many of the residents have emigrated abroad, these people then introduced the people back home with Western food and more money to buy food. Now the people on these 6 islands are the fattest in the world.