Wood LED Light

Today, we made lots of efforts and drives our creativity to provide customers products using different materials, with multiple designs and guaranteeing various features. This trend, based on the wealth of productivity of our days, brings us plenty of choice including some like us. However the benefits are always accompanied by disadvantages. We’re

often wrong in front of so many choices. This is why we testify during these years the return of the simplistic style in fashion. Today, we will present you two applied to this style, in natural material: oak wood, to decorate and illuminate your room.

These are those two sconces solid oak: building and freshness.

In general, these are all the appliques made by wooden blocks in cuboid, with LEDs integrated under a spreading plate which protects them. The structure is so simple that we see very little of industrial elements on the first look. The wood is protected by transparent lacquer on the surface, mandatory treatment for wooden products. The installation of these lights is no different than others, nothing is complicated, it is the notion of basic design of this wall.

At the level of energy consumption, certainly the LEDs make you economy to your electricity bill. Power to the maximum 4.5 W only, rendered light rises to 315 lumens, equivalent to an incandescent lamp 30W. Referring to an attitude of living green. In addition, the LED lamp has a length of life, it is confirmed by express it that the high range LED can light for more than 10,000 hours, it is 5 times longer than the lifetime of a conventional bulb.

In addition, knowing that the LED is powered by direct current at low voltage, it is more secure than the traditional light bulb, and is better for the protection of the eyes than the latter, which makes flickers because of alternating current that feeds it.

Here, these two sconces in oak are pretty and useful, isn’t it? If you are interested to see more lights, you are invited to see all of our lights design and functional.

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