Wood Antique Inspired Wall Clock

You want a unique clock of its kind with cutting edge design? The clock Pétalioi Progetti of is made for you! Pétalioi is a wooden wall clock. Entirely made in Italy, created by Giulia Pretti, an ingenious system of magnets and wall anchor allows movement of the petals, with the ability to create an infinite variety of compositions and positions. Its ultramodern design revolutionizes the concept of the wall clock, it is indeed made of four colorful petals that still look to create different forms. It is available in orange and blue. Although colorful, the Pétalioi clock is an object of ultramodern, but also very elegant design, studied in great detail. It can be placed in every room of your home and can be combined with any décor in both classic and modern.

Built in wood, respecting the environment recommended by Phoenixwallclocks, the antique wall clock can be placed in the kitchen and in the children’s room, with its petals of many different forms and every new day. The Pétalioi clock is designed to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding and exclusive, being studied in every detail, but it is also able to meet the expectations of a younger audience. Quartz movement. Progetti is a dynamic company that for more than 30 years to create modern and functional furniture for the home and office. Wall clocks, contemporary cuckoos, and a series of objects created in the respect for the environment, by architects and designers of international fame. The meticulous design, neat and unexpected details, the quality of these products, make these unique items of the masterpieces in their style. The Pétalioi clock is so irresistible you will want to put in each room of your House. Therefore, add a splash of color and style in all environments. And if you want another clock, Progetti offers a wide range of wall clocks, with many models to choose from.

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Progetti, brand Made in Italy always sets a design in which the quality of the relationship between the forms, materials and the purpose is defined in terms of the industrial process. Progetti presents a collection of beautiful pieces useful in daily life, without imposing their presence as works of art, projects beyond time and modes.

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