Wi-Fi Printers

Conventional printers say personal printers are connected to a single computer through a wired connection: USB cable. On the other hand, network printers can be shared between multiple users.

Attention: Only professional printers, speeds and higher capacities, are able to manage tens of users at the same time.

Two types of connections to the internet printer

There are two ways to connect your printer to the network:

  • wired connection, by an Ethernet cable. most printers have a RJ45 port.
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi; defined by Abbreviationfinder, your printer must have the option mentioned in its card Wi-Fi product.

The wired Ethernet network has the advantage of being fast and reliable, but it’s a Setup more often dedicated to the professional community.

The Ethernet port, just like the USB, is available on most printers, even in entry level. The Wi – Fi option is present from the models of average range.

The Wi-Fi printer

Depending on the range of your printer, the Wi – Fi option may be available:

  • Sur all types of printer: monofonction, multifunction or compact photo;
  • Pour all printing technologies: laser, ink or thermal jet.

Wi-Fi is often dedicated to home use. The printer can be placed anywhere within a radius of 10 metres around the computer.

Note: the walls obstruct the signal, so the flow and quality can be highly degraded.

Wi-Fi is an ideal technology choice when you have a laptop or to share a printer between several people in the same place.

When the Wi-Fi option is present on your printer, it is included in your equipment and you have nothing else to buy. you need only configure this connection between your printer and your computer to start using it.

Less often this option is said to be ‘available’ on the printer; in this case, you must buy a Wi – Fi (or network adapter) card into the space provided for this purpose, or an external box called print server, connect to the USB port on your printer. It will cost around €50.

Below is a Wi-Fi installation scheme, including computers and printers:

There is also an interface or wireless technology called Bluetooth. She is also an option on some models of printer from the average range.

This technology allows you to communicate directly between your printer and your smartphone or tablet, without using your computer. It is a very convenient option to print your photos stored on such equipment.

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