Why Choose Leather Travel Bag

48h leather bag, vintage or trendy Version: charm and character to your service!

In the family of large leather bags such weekend or trip, no doubt that certain quality leather goods brands produce particularly attractive models in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics for those who appreciate and seek a practical and stylish bag for all long trips or short. Why choose a leather travel bag rather than a model canvas or other material? This corresponds to two expectations perfectly compatible:

  • The solidity, robustness leather is particularly interesting for a travel bag to be filled or charged regularly;
  • The pleasure brought by this type of bag because it is a beautiful object, especially if it is handmade, which will improve with time by skating and relaxing.

This model of large Italian leather bag for woman will delight and pleasure to those who opt for the style in all circumstances, even while traveling. I must say it has great assets for the long bag that will accompany those who choose it: extra soft leather finish with Italian, attractive line, large capacity and good ergonomics with handles for hand or shoulder and a removable shoulder strap.

The bag vintage fighter 48h  leather (first image above, exhausted) to man the generous and elegant appearance should please fans of authentic mode. Looking like a fighter cities with wide straps riveted and its squat line, this fine specimen embark easily all your documents, folders, laptop, clothes and many other things … because it can also turn into a travel bag  (48h and more!) to deploy at each end to expand and follow you (well, so to speak, it will still take him by the hand) on any adventure. For the lads, this bag will also have the opportunity to stand shoulder or shoulder … If it is almost empty, it can do so, otherwise, good luck!

The bag is 48, as 24, a relatively new name of the man leather goods. Probably initiated some years ago by the brand Gerard Darel, who then created a model that was very successful, the bag 24 for women. The term caught on and then be taken over by many brands of bags, by extension, will appoint the next size as the 48 bag, a large contemporary format rather to man, between city and travel bag bag for the week- end, which is a new way of life a little more nomadic and uses the most versatile bag that Anglo-Saxon also called a weekender.

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