Which is the Warmest Sleeping Bag

Even with the best tries of the world, if you are suffering from cold in your sleeping bag, your camping trip could turn into a nightmare.Choosing your bag will obviously depend on the seasons where you use it, on the degree of heat and shape. After, it will do is find the right color! Legitimate expenditure reviews the buying criteria of a sleeping bag for your needs.

However much you have the best tries of the world, if you are cold in your sleeping bag, your camping trip might be very unpleasant. Choosing your bag obviously depend on the seasons when you use it; not need a winter camping bag if you spend your holidays in the South. Among the factors to consider before you decide, there are degrees of temperature, volume, shape, cap and clothing. Legitimate expenditure has prepared a buying guide for you camping easy.

  1. The three main types of sleeping bag depending on usage and temperature ratings

Before buying your sleeping bag, you need to identify your needs. Is it for the hiking camping with full autonomy in the mountains or for leisure camping with car travel? Are you going to camp early or late in the season? The answers to these questions will determine the type of sleeping bag to use. This will guide you to the right sleeping bag either a summer pattern, three-season or winter. Minimum temperature where you can sleep comfortably is indicated on all bags. There is now an international standard, EN 13537, inscribed on most sleeping bags and that comes from the heat of coast from a thermal test.

Now you have to choose between natural fibers such as down and synthetic fibers. The down will last much longer than synthetic fibers if cared for properly. By cons, down more expensive. It has a greater ability to retain the loft but it is more difficult to dry and if it is damp or wet, it traps less heat. Avoid for water activities such as canoe camping.

In contrast, synthetic materials dry quickly, breathe well and wick moisture more easily than down.They are the best sleeping bags for summer. By cons, these fibers lose their swelling dint of being compressed in the storage envelope, which will make them lose its insulating qualities. With time, you may have cold night. Insulating performance declines quite rapidly and its lifetime is less. There are plenty of synthetic fibers on the market. To the untrained eye, it is difficult to judge their qualities. See more heat rating written on the bag; an index that does not deceive. This advice also applies to the down.

  1. Forms of bags: mummy, semi-rectangular and rectangular

There are three types of sleeping bag: rectangular, semi-rectangular and mummy. The mummy model is a bit more expensive because of the complexity of its manufacture. But this is the bag that retains heat better. It’s a bit like a coat that slips: the warmth of our body is trapped and it stores quickly around us. We can sleep more comfortably at different temperatures and mostly cold. Most models have caps, which keeps the head warm and reduces heat loss from the body.

The semi-rectangular is a compromise between the mummy bag and rectangular bag. It is narrower feet, to keep the heat, but a little less shell body. The space is enough to move a little if you tend to turn the night. It is also cooler than the mummy, but more efficient than a rectangular bag. A good choice for casual campers or those who camp late in the season.

The rectangular bag has no cap, you can usually open it completely and create a dual format with another identical bag. It caters to those who want a bag for mild temperatures. It is usually inexpensive, because the shape of the bag is simple to make.

  1. The characteristics of confection

The making of down bags will influence its long-term performance. This kind of bag is sewn so as to create compartments that will hold the down. The more seams and therefore of “bends” more fluff will be stable. It will not move and do not will scatter. By against the number of cells is directly related to the price of down.

4. The award categories and buying guide

Between $ 30 and $ 100: you can find very decent quality bags, but most of the bags in which the insulator is made of synthetic materials, summer bags into rectangular shapes and simple semi-rectangular.

Product offering good value:

La Cordée
$ 35
+ 5 degrees Celsius
synthetic fibers

Between $ 100 and $ 200: You will find a huge variety of bags. Rectangular shapes better quality of down and synthetic fibers as well as mummies. Nearly all three seasons bags are in this category. If you are camping often, it pays to invest a little more for your sleeping bag.

Products offering good value for money:

Cat’s Meow
The North Face
$ 170
Three Seasons
Synthetic fibers

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC)
$ 165
7 ° Celsius

In the category over $ 200, one can find high-end and specialty bags and the bags down more insulation. In this price range, you can choose between 3 categories of down; basic to the very high end. Quality is also noted in the fabric of the envelope. One can thus have a very light and compact bag while hot.

Product offering good value for money:

$ 270
3 seasons

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