What to Do When Your Mobile Phone Is Slow?

How many times have we had to wait a while to make the mobile we want to?

Who has not passed? Sometime we touched deal with a smartphone that even for as simple operations, like opening the whatsapp or open the phonebook, needs time.

What frustration!

But there are alternatives. There are measures that can be implemented no matter what is the operating system that runs your phone.

BBC World compiled several simple recommendations that will help to your mobile to recover quickly.

Delete, delete and delete

Yes, it may require some time, but it is a first step that does not have any degree of difficulty.

Photos, videos, songs, text messages, voice, the sequence of the long “discussions” that can register at WhastApp, screenshots, files downloaded in the last few months (or maybe in the last year?).

Applications that are not using also are included in this group. Very often we install them, tried them a couple of times and forget them.

If they return to need, it is always the option to download them again.


Another extremely simple action is the reboot the phone.

It is an easy way to close all applications that are open and clear the Ram memory.

Sometimes it is quite useful.

Close all applications you are not using

Applications that are not used frequently should be deleted.

By forgetfulness or practicality it often happens that we left ‘open’ applications despite the fact that we are not using them.

Accumulate several days or even weeks for some users, the speed of the phone to perform their functions when you notice a lot.

For Android users
The information that is stored in your phone’s memory “cache” shortens the time needed for the electronic device to play a role because it allows the system to access it easily.

So to speed up its performance, it can be very useful.

But it also happens that there are applications that store data that consume space on the phone and that, sometimes, may affect the correct operation of the same.

To resolve this problem, Jerry Hildenbrand, columnist for the web site AndroidCentral, specializing in information about Google’s operating system, has two recommendations.

Android offers the “launcher” (different styles for your home screen) with animations that tend to make the phone work slow.

“In the individual case of application, the cache is removed following the instructions on the page of the same information. But you can also do a cleaning general through the function data cache, which is located in the section of storage of the device, which is accessed through configuration”, explains Hildenbrand.”

Meanwhile, Mark Wilson, columnist androidpit, publication specializing in Android, has two more suggestions.

“Remove screen widgets (a kind of application with limited functions) that are not used regularly”, says in an article published on the web site.

And the second: “If the launcher (one of the many designs that are used on the main screen to organize the icons used) has animations and special effects that are very good, it is worthwhile to review your settings to remove them because they slow the phone. ”

For those who prefer iOS

The update of the operating system of the iPhone is useful to run the smartphone not slowly. But if you have an Iphone 4 and upgrading to IOS 7, your phone will be lost.

David Price, of MacWorld, publication specializing in information about Apple, has several ideas for cell phones of the followers of this company to work quickly.
Upgrade the operating system whenever possible. Disable all the automatic functions that offers the device. It is in the “configuration” section. There you select “iTunes and App store” and “turn off the automatic downloads”. (This is useful for users of iOS7 and iOS8). A more radical option is to “restore” the phone from a backup of the information stored in the appliance. This is accomplished with the function “restore backup” on iTunes, once the phone is connected to a computer.

Lisa Eadicicco, Business Insider, a web site that covers technology issues, adds one further suggestion.

“Treat your iPhone as if it were a computer. This means that you have to empty the regularly selected browser history cookies in Safari cleaning. You find it in the settings section”.

After implementing these actions, your phone should recover quickly. There is a big difference, isn’t it?

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