What to Combine with Faux Fur

And what combine to fur, fur and co.?

The question remains: what pull you under your skin or fur garments? You must be strong.

Tip 1

Since fur or fur-coats, jackets and vests are very voluminous, you need such as close to figure clothing. In particular, this applies to all parts of the body that are visible. I’m talking about narrow case clothes during the day or the little black for evening. Maximum knee-length pencil skirt and opaque tights. Slim jeans and leggings. -Fitting turtlenecks and narrow, knee-high boots or narrow ankle boots.

The fur jacket is starring this looks. Among them is a black color pillar of leggings and tight top. Only the thick soles of shoes make a Visual balance to the volume of the coats, says itypeusa.

Tip 2

When you open front wearing a fur vest, the shirt including the body must a nuance be looser and also on the pocket or waistband. This is a boon in particular for types and women with a little tummy . But be sure also, that the sleeves of the shirt are narrow cut.

Tip 3

You can wear a fur vest over a jacket if it is cut close to the body. So you can make even a Biker jacket winterized…

Tip 4

Choose the colors of your outfit carefully! It is especially beneficial in Pelzwesten and jackets, if you schedule a monochrome, darker color pillar including. Left the leading role the fur or fur and withhold all figure Middle body zones including color elegant. In this way, you will add a long, vertical zone to the voluminous, horizontal, fur-covered color zone which makes you look taller and slimmer.

You see, even with fur, fur and co. is on the one hand about structure and style, on the other hand to volume, proportions and silhouettes. Depending on how well you adapt your garment to your individual requirements, you can safely wear also fur, fur, Teddy and other plush fabrics and to support your figure. Overall you will therefore never look thinner. But it might be quite elegant.

And if you are now not the fur or skin type? Then I have a few tips for you in stock:

Tip 5

Try it once through the current bag collections from fur or fur! Or check out the new shoe models with fur decorations!

Tip 6

It’s even easier if you modernize your existing bags with a Pocket pendant made of fur.

Tip 7

Or do it like me: wear a pendant with fur on a long chain – and already holds a little cozy winter magic collection in your outfit.

Tip 8

Fur and skin must not be visible. With a toasty warm lining only you know yourself by your secret and nothing is…

How will you integrate fur, fur, or Teddy in your wardrobe? Or entirely waive plush accents? I look forward to your views on the subject!