What Swimsuit Should I Use?

If there is something created especially for wear in spring and summer it is the fashion of bath, where there are also key trends that are reinvented every season. We must be careful with swimsuits and monitor details as design, length of the swimsuit, pattern and color, which should be flattering to our body type and skin tone, not to mention the place you go to go very ad hoc.

The menswear collection presents bathing suits for men spring/summer 2012, with a very Italian-style, swimwear has turbo, boxer, long, short and very short type. Fun colour combinations, as well as pictures, floral prints, certain symbols and marked by culture and a Mediterranean-inspired details.

Remember that depending on the type of body you have, it is the swimsuit that you use, do not try to use which is more fashionable, or which seems more daring or fun, if not the one that best suits your body and remember to choose the size.

I then present the various models of male swimwear that exist and which are the trend in this 2012 so that you can choose which best suit you:

Short of classic bathroom: goes from waist to knees and even below them. They are the traditional shorts which used in the Hawaiian surf and spread as a beach style

Short Boardies: approximately 10 cm shorter than the traditional shorts, traditional lace-up purse in sight, some include pockets with stitching, it is a feature of the years 50’s to 80’s.

Olympic Short: Also called Jammer in its original version it is a second skin. There is a loose version that is sold under the name baggies.

Boxer: Similar to underwear are short of swimming. Offered in different types of fabric of high quality that give the appearance and proper performance of a sporty swimsuit.

Swim Trunk: The speedo swimsuit is the literal representative of the ‘ 60s. In Europe and Brazil this swimsuit style has turned to be very fashionable, especially in young people, and is beloved by men who want to maximize your full body Tan. They have a square cut seen from the profile.

Swim brief Popularly known as “sunga or bikini”, is a narrower version of the swim trunk with side cut slightly thinner than the previous model. The narrow waistband is incorporated and is elastic.

Bikini: “Thong swimwear” in its original version, and known locally as “male thong”, sides takes a thin finish with width of a living of 1.5 cm. Ideal for well trained, with a sexy look and exotic bodies.

Surely with the help of this information has already chosen the swimsuit that best will make you shine on your summer vacation, beach or mountain, what is clear is that insurance you’ll a dip, especially because the weather forecast for this season are running that I will have plenty of sunshine and temperatures more than welcome to enjoy one day cooling us and always looking to fashion.