What Jacket to Wear with a Sweater Dress

You’re dressed, the sweater dress is up, donned tights and laced shoes. Boredom? As elegant as the dress, choose the jacket to slip on this hybrid funny is the sweater dress can sometimes be complicated… unless you follow the Biba style tricks!

Dress sweater and jacket, the golden rules

You have chosen your sweater dress according to your morphology? Do the same with the jacket! If you are small and want to grow you, prefer a short and fitted, rather than a semi-long jacket jacket that cut the silhouette. In the reverse, if you are big and want to point that out, bet on the length… Complexent you your curves? Count on a straight jacket to hide them, and choose a length that covers the hips. If, instead, you love your shapes, trust the jacket adjusted to mark the size and support which should be! Before you choose a jacket, you might want to ask also what style your sweater dress would need. You have matched him with heels, a sticky end and a long necklace? You lean towards a feminine look. You have chosen a dress sweater knit thick oversized ? You are resolutely trend!

What jacket with a feminine sweater dress?

Short and fitted, without hesitation! If you have chosen a dress sweater near the body, short or split, don’t hide under a large jacket. Instead, choose a jacket type spencer, sleeved long or three quarters, who draws the size. Rest to decline colors and materials according to the style of your dress.

What jacket with a sports sweater dress?

With a sweater dress and sneakers, choose without hesitation the effect double mesh: a big comfortable vest on a short dress, a long thin Cardigan over a long dress. Add a long scarf, a few Accessories , the silhouette is enhanced! Rather sporty chic? Practical and casual, the Heather jersey blazer fits fine gauge long sweater dress.

What jacket with an elegant sweater dress?

An evening dressed, a business meeting or a formal lunch? Accompany your dress sweater a straight, male blazer type jacket, elegant and trendy. As to offer a nice added touch to your outfit, bet on a patterned lining and roll up the sleeves… unless you count on a bib necklace, shoes with heels or an accumulation of fun rings!

What jacket with a rock sweater dress?

To fully assume the rock trend, bet without relying on the perfecto and all its derivatives.Choose black total look rock, colored to break the codes. Or why not men’s dress jackets? Between grunge and rockabilly, the timeless blends perfectly with the mesh of a sweater dress! As to pour without restraint in the grunge look, a big loose mesh vest can be transformed into express jacket.

What jacket with a trendy sweater dress?

You chose the Queen of the trend, your sweater dress deserves a jacket at the height! Go for it in the closet of your spouse, then select a jacket with Plaid, stripes or chevrons.The suite? Put it on your dress, roll the sleeves to make the visible lining and roll up the neck. The jacket is really too big? Belt her, effect guaranteed mode!

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